Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From LA Examiner: Jeremy Sisto Deflects Sex on 'Suburgatory'; James Wolk Oozes Sex on 'Happy Endings'; 'Franklin & Bash' Music, Magic & Guest Stars...

"Jeremy Sisto “flails around” the issue of sex in Suburgatory"

Suburgatory started when George (Jeremy Sisto) moved himself and his teenage daughter Tessa (Jane Levy) out to the suburbs after finding condoms in her room. The single dad freaked out that his little girl was growing up and decided it would be best to get her away from the “bad influences” of the seedy city. But as he discovered recently, the suburbs can be even seedier! After a weekend away, George returned home to find a “love box” in Tessa’s room, and suddenly all of his problems came flooding back... [MORE]

"Has Max finally met his match in James Wolk on Happy Endings?"

When we caught up with Happy Endings series creator David Caspe at the ABC TCA party back in January, he previewed that his special guest star James Wolk as an ex-boyfriend to Max (Adam Pally) was the “perfect guy,” but that things went awry a year earlier on Valentine’s Day, and the two broke up. However, this Valentine’s Day, a chance encounter leads Max to remember just how good he had it and what he is missing, and the two crazy kids give it another go... [MORE]

"VIDEO: The men of Franklin & Bash talk S2 music, mile high clubs & guest stars"

Though Franklin & Bash won't premiere its second season until Summer 2012, the cast and crew have been hard at work here in Los Angeles on the new episodes since the fall. As they have been shooting, they have also been Tweeting select photos and guest star casting announcements, so naturally, we wanted to visit the man cave to get a little bit more detail on the shenanigans soon to play out on-screen... [MORE]

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