Thursday, February 2, 2012

From LA Examiner: Showtime Renewals; Melinda Clarke on 'Nikita'; Double Jasika Nicole; 'Cougar Town' Accessories; Mark Pellegrino Comes To 'Castle'...

"Showtime renews Shameless, House of Lies, and Californication"

Word on the street-- and by street, we of course mean Twitter-- is that Showtime has ordered a third season of Shameless, and second season of House of Lies, and a somewhat surprising sixth season of Californication today... [MORE]

"Nikita’s Melinda Clarke previews the end of an era, master plans, & 1980s Amanda"

Last on Nikita, Percy (Xander Berkeley) played a major card in threatening to take out Oversight with everyone, including his one-time ally Amanda (Melinda Clarke) inside. For as cunning as Amanda has been this season, in keeping Percy locked in his Hannibal Lecter cage, she certainly seemed blindsided that he would “go there"... [MORE]

"Jasika Nicole previews meeting her doppelganger in Fringe"

The last we caught up with Jasika Nicole, it was fall in Vancouver on the set of Fringe, and Peter (Joshua Jackson) was just about to return, so needless to say, all eyes were on how things would be different with him back in the mix—the only character without an alt-universe doppelganger because he never truly existed in either of these “new” universes. That got us thinking to what would happen when Nicole’s Astrid finally met her own doppelganger. At the time, she admitted though the two women were “fundamentally different,” she really had no idea what their common ground would be. Their meeting wasn’t written yet, so she had no inkling of how Astrid would even respond. But oh, how things can change in just a few short months... [MORE]

"Busy Philipps & Dan Byrd debate who has the worst Cougar Town S3 adornment"

When you tune into the third season premiere of Cougar Town on ABC (and you will-- right!?), you won’t be able to avoid noticing that all of a sudden Laurie (Busy Philipps) is bogged down with an ankle monitor. Has the party girl’s ways finally caught up to her? How is she going to partake in the “on deck” drinking with the gang if she’s being monitored? Well, don’t worry, Cougar Townies (is that a thing?), Busy Philipps set the record straight when LA TV Insider Examiner visited the Los Angeles set just a few weeks ago... [MORE]

"Mark Pellegrino channels his inner Cagney for Castle’s noir episode"

Mark Pellegrino’s recent television resume reads like this: Supernatural, The Closer, Being Human, Hemingway & Gellhorn, and a quick return cameo on Chuck. And that’s all for this season of television alone. As if those tough characters aren’t enough to sink his teeth into, Pellegrino also took a guest starring role in a very unique, stylized, and stylish episode of Castle. “The Blue Butterfly” is a step outside the box for the crime procedural with a dive into the deep end of the 1940s... [MORE]

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