Monday, February 6, 2012

From LA Examiner: Singing (Praises) on 'Castle' and Of Course, 'Smash'...

"Tamala Jones previews singing and secrets on

Castle’s big 1940s noir episode, “The Blue Butterfly,” is not only stylized for the period piece and genre, but also for the additional artistic elements the show is incorporating to better flesh out the world. That time period was known for its gangsters, sure, as we will see with Mark Pellegrino’s guest starring role, but also its lounge lifestyle, featuring nightly performances by some hidden talents. And Castle’s own Tamala Jones got a chance to tap into that by taking the stage on-set and on-screen as a lounge singer in the 1940s storyline... [MORE]

"Danielle Dishes: 5 qualities that will make Smash a success"

The headlines for Smash are going to write themselves. Because the show is exactly what it’s own title claims. From minute one of the pilot, it is an awe-inspiring look at true, beautiful storytelling. And then its leads open their mouths to sing and chills are produced... [MORE]

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