Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Smash' Leading Man Will Chase; 'Southland's' Shawn Hatosy & Regina King Interviews; 'Switched At Birth' Relationship Look...

"Smash’s Will Chase on RENT homages, musical stylings & art imitating life"

It’s been a few years since Will Chase has slipped on a sleeveless shirt, a Madonna microphone, and jumped around an industrial stage as Roger in RENT on Broadway, but when he rocks onto NBC’s Smash as theatre leading man Michael Chase, it will be as if he never left that role. Though Chase has spent the majority of the last three years on the small screen on Rescue Me, as well as guest spots on everything from White Collar to Royal Pains to Blue Bloods, a little part of him will always have that rock-and-roll edge. And for once, he has found a show that allows him to bring that out... [MORE]

"Southland’s Shawn Hatosy says the “honeymoon” will soon be over between Sammy & Ben"

“I like this dynamic; it’s fun. It’s different for me, especially being back on patrol. Everybody else is kind of making the same show, but for me, it’s like a whole new show!” Shawn Hatosy smiled when we sat down with him on the Los Angeles set of Southland earlier this month... [MORE]

"Switched at Birth creator Lizzy Weiss on evolving relationship dynamics"

“We’re testing Bay and Emmett as a couple and making sure that they are the strong couple that they are the strong couple we feel that they are,” Switched at Birth showrunner Lizzy Weiss admitted to LA TV Insider Examiner when we had a chance to catch up with her in Los Angeles last week... [MORE]

"Q&A: Southland’s Regina King on motherhood & police partnerships"

Things have certain gotten complicated for Detective Lydia Adams (Regina King) on Southland! It almost seems somewhat unfair: she finally has a professional partnership that’s really gelling, and yet her personal life is threatening to change that. Lydia has worked so hard and come so far on this job, but now that she has learned she is pregnant, she is going to have some serious decisions to make about how to still best do the job and take care of the life growing inside of her-- even when she’s in some pretty dangerous or otherwise physically exhausting situations... [MORE]

"NBC shakes up comedy Thursdays, announces Community's return"

Today’s the day, all you Communies have been waiting for! Today NBC announced a return date for your favorite half-hour comedy (and if we’re being completely biased, ours as well). That’s right: Community is set to return to the NBC spring schedule on March 15th 2012, returning to Thursdays at 8pm... [MORE]

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