Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'Happy Endings' Goes Viral...

The humor of Happy Endings seems perfectly fit for the web, where they can live uncensored and free, so it's pretty much more than about time that the ABC series takes itself there to include an original online component to hook even more of an audience. And this particular web series, though, seems designed to keep the show going. Sponsored by Subaru, the web component is a way to introduce product integration without taking up valuable TV screen time. Plus, it promises a look at the characters as never seen before: their younger selves!

In the first episode,
Penny (Casey Wilson) announces to the group that her mom is getting rid of her first car. She tells them that her car is in a storage unit that her mom’s third husband has stopped paying for. The storage locker is going to be auctioned off on an episode of a Storage Wars-esque reality show. The group says that the car represented their young adulthood as they each had defining moments of their youth in that car. Therefore, as we go through each webisode, we see their experiences in glorious flashback mode. We get to visit a past version of this group of friends and see defining moments of their relationships.

Personally, I hope that means more pink-hair Jane (Eliza Coupe) and Jew-Fro'ed out Max (Adam Pally)!

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lessie pfeiffer said...

I love the premise of those webisodes. I'm pretty sure everyone could relate to their very first car ending up in storage Perth units.