Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Day In The Life Of A Blogger...

Recently I was asked by an old friend what it is I'm doing these days. She knew I was a blogger, but she didn't quite know what that entailed. Visions of me sitting on my couch, in my pajamas, reading and commenting on things online for eight to ten hours while sticking my hand repeatedly in a BonBon box probably came to mind. In truth, that wouldn't be entirely wrong, but long gone are the days when blogging is an anonymous, solitary medium. I do not hide behind my computer (for one thing, I stamp my byline on everything I write; I stand behind my words and opinions). And whenever possible, I do love to get out of the dustiness of my own apartment and interact with those about whom, and with whom, I am writing. So I decided to put together a little "Day in the Life" piece to give all of you who wonder just what it is a blogger does these days your answers. Of course, this may not be a "typical" day. There may be no such thing as a "typical" day, as it's a living, growing medium, writing about living, growing elements. But for better and for worse, this was my Friday, March 2nd 2012. Nothing was fabricated, nor exaggerated, simply to make the job seem like something it is not.

7:22am - Woke up (no alarm) with my dog still asleep and hogging half my pillow. Mumbled, "Ten more minutes." Fell back to sleep for six before giving up and just getting up.
7:32am - Turned on Good Day LA and my computer simultaneously to check email, Twitter, and then post my first (and potentially only) article for Friday: Primetime Highlights over on my Examiner page. With my usual favorite shows (Nikita, Supernatural, Fringe) not airing new episodes tonight, this one took a little longer than usual to put together. Tumblr'ed, Facebooked, Dugg (?), and Tweeted the link.

7:55am - Intended to merely transcribe my brief interview with The Lying Game star Alexandra Chando but upon inspiration to write it up as a Q&A, drafted a quick intro to polish the piece off in one sitting instead. Hunted for season finale episode stills. Settled on a promotional shot of Chando from earlier in the season instead.

8:09am - ADD struck for the first time. Paused mid-transcription to ReTweet my "TV Talk" post from the previous night "in case you missed it."

8:30am - Pulled a Dan Harmon and took a luxurious bubble bath, in which I watched the new pilot for Bent in order to write my advance review. Stayed in the tub extra long (it was warm in there!) to also watch the second and third episodes before noticing how pruney my toes were and how much other work I had to do that was more pressing (read: under earlier deadlines).

9:57am - Began drafting my advance review of this version of Bent, struggling over not pointing out I enjoyed the original version more. Most of my readers won't have a chance to see the original, so why draw a comparison they can't confirm for themselves?

10:13am - Mid-review, I took a break to get a snack. Or more accurately, to stand in front of my open refrigerator wondering how I spent over one hundred dollars at the supermarket last weekend and came back with mostly milk, water, condiments, and frozen shrimp.

10:15am - Put aside my review upon realization I still needed to screen the second episode of GCB prior to my

11:15am - Phone interview with Marisol Nichols. Who I hadn't talked to since her time on The Gates. Crazy how fast time flies!

11:46am - I mostly deal in entertainment. Well, specifically TV. But every now and then I find a way to expand and dabble in other types of material. Today I turned in a first draft of a ghost-written "Technology Tainting Travel" feature. Talk about category whiplash!

1:25pm - Decided I needed a change of scenery and ran out to the bank and to Coffee Bean. Over a non-fat vanilla latte (I miss the red velvet hot cocoa!), I finally completed my review of Bent.

2:15pm - Phone interview with Jennifer Aspen. Ended up conducting this in my car, parked at a meter, because Coffee Bean got loud and crowded for that post-lunch rush. Maybe mentioned I loved her turn on Supernatural and wished Bobby (Jim Beaver) had gotten to go on a date with her before he scared her off with that wood-chipper scene...and then, you know, kicked it.

4pm - Back at home it was time for my daily Judge Judy break!!

4:30pm - Scrambled to throw on "real clothes" for covering PaleyFest's opening night at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. First television show up? American Horror Story!

4:52pm - Blasted the Smash soundtrack (so far) on the 405S on the way to PaleyFest.

5:30pm - Pressline check-in at Paley meant catching up with lots of other blogger friends, like Louis from, Marisa from, Tierney from E! Online, Natalie from, and Erin, my editor from

6pm - It was a cluster out there. If a red carpet starts, but no stars arrive, does the media matter?

6:25pm - First interview of the evening: Connie Britton! She proved to be one of only three people I got to chat with this time, which is really rare for Paley events (usually ever
yone on the line gets everyone), but honestly, she was one of the ones I wanted to talk with the most. Bummed it was in such a short, group interview, though.

6:55pm - With the pressline officially over, I headed inside to the theater to snap photos of the panel and hope producers provided a little season two scoop on-stage. Turned out they were screening a full season one episode ("Birth") first. I mildly panicked about not being able to multitask with my laptop left at home.

7:55pm - Panel began. Highlights included moderator Tim Stack from Entertainment Weekly saying to Dylan McDermott "So, let's talk about your bum;" the Jessica Lange drag impersonator in the audience; Britton and Ryan Murphy debating whether or not the finale provided a happy ending for the Harmons; and Lange's justification for Constance's mothering abilities (or lack thereof).

9:24pm - After about twenty minutes, without exaggeration, I managed to get my car out of the parking lot. Now it became about tackling the parking lot of Wilshire Boulevard! Blasted Smash again on the way home, dodging a few cop cars I was sure would pull me over with noise complaints.

9:57pm - Arrived home to edit my Britton video. My FlipCam is shoddy, but considering I only got about a minute with her and it takes real time to upload, I only got enough time to scarf a piece of cheese.

10pm - Turned on The Soup only to learn it was not airing tonight. This allowed me to throw
up a quick event article, but I put off color correcting my American Horror Story panel photos until the morning. Prepped questions for the following day's Supernatural interviews instead.

11:13pm - Checked my email one final time (and yes, Tweeted one final time) for the evening before turning in early.
There are no real weekends for bloggers, as this Saturday and Sunday bring more PaleyFest events and Creation Entertainment's annual "Salute to Supernatural" convention!

Aren't you exhausted just reading this? Yes, a good portion of my day is spent sitting stationary on the couch, with two screens in front of me, but it's a pretty mentally draining job at times, switching tones and trains of thoughts so quickly. But no two days are alike, and I feel like I thrive when under weird pressure and tight deadlines, so I can't imagine this any other way.

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