Monday, March 5, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Alcatraz' Preview; Alexandra Chando on 'The Lying Game'; Sean Berdy, 'Switched At Birth's Hero; 'On Directing' With Guy Bee...

"Alcatraz gets greedy with two all-new, back-to-back episodes on FOX"

Last week’s Daytona airing on FOX meant the network had to preempt new episodes of two of its most intriguing dramas. But the shifting scheduling just means that tonight one of those dramas is coming back with a vengeance. Alcatraz is airing two brand new episodes back-to-back, and though you still have to wait a little longer to see the emotional “Clarence Montgomery,” which should have aired last week, these episodes promise to bring brand new insight and much higher stakes for our investigators... [MORE]

"Alexandra Chando: The Lying Game cliffhanger is a relationship “game-changer”

At this point in The Lying Game’s progression, series star Alexandra Chando says fans are all about the crazy, twisty relationships, rather than the original mystery of the twins being separated at birth. But the first season finale promises to deliver on both accounts, so we set out to get Chando’s take on what’s all about to go down... [MORE]

"Sean Berdy on Switched at Birth introspection & Signin’ in the Streets"

Emmett may be the James Dean of ASL on Switched at Birth, but his portrayer Sean Berdy may be a true “hero” for the deaf community on a larger scale. Not only is he along with the rest of his cast and crew, bringing an accurate and positive representation of deaf culture to millions of homes with his ABC Family drama, but the young actor is going above and beyond to reach out to fans through Twitter, YouTube, and personal appearances... [MORE]

"Guy Bee on directing Southland and Supernatural"

For Director Guy Norman Bee, “serialization” is not a four-letter word. Though many show producers-- and even network executives-- are reluctant to describe their products that way for fear of scaring off a less active audience, Bee welcomes that kind of storytelling, and such is evident in the projects he takes on. Though Bee has spent the better part of this year directing episodes of genre shows like The Secret Circle, Supernatural, and Ringer (oddly enough, all for The CW), he was thrilled to take a turn in the power seat on TNT’s Southland, as well... [MORE]

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