Thursday, March 1, 2012

From LA Examiner: Casey Wilson Loves Kris Jenner; 'Community' Return Photo Preview; 'Cougar Town' 'Scrubs' Reunion Photos; Jason Isaacs on 'Awake'

If you caught Happy Endings' most recent episode, "Cocktails & Dreams," you saw Penny (Casey Wilson) reading Kris Jenner's book not once but twice in the episode-- once in reality and once in her weird "romance dream" about Dave (Zachary Knighton). And as it turns out, Wilson shared that moment was stolen from her real life because she has a serious love of all things Kardashian-- especially Kris! ... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Community returns to NBC with a proposal?"

In a lot of ways, Cougar Town and Community have been on parallel paths as smart comedies that are often not given the best treatment from their networks. They banded together intentionally last year by allowing their characters to appear on each others' shows-- and they are still showing their solidarity now by throwing little nods to each others' shows in their new season. But it appears they may have one more big thing in common: marriage proposals in their season three returns... [MORE]

Bill Lawrence has a strong sense of family on the shows he produces, and he has a "no a-hole" policy for those he works with. So chances are, if he cast someone once and kept them around because he had fun with them on one show, they'll pop up on another one of his. That's exactly what happens on the March 6th episode of Cougar Town when his former Scrubs star Sarah Chalke begins her guest starring arc... [MORE]

"Jason Isaacs on solving the puzzle that is NBC’s Awake"

“Everyone enjoys puzzles. At least I do,” Awake series star Jason Isaacs shared on a conference call to promote his new NBC drama. “It takes place in a completely unusual light. We have a plot each week-- you know, he’s a detective-- and he, and us the audience, are constantly thinking ‘Is this really a case?’ Or I could see so clearly how this could spring from stuff that’s going on in his life; this could be his imagination creating this. And so there’s a puzzle [to the show]"... [MORE]

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