Sunday, March 4, 2012

From LA Examiner: Danny Pudi Teases 'Community' Webisodes; Catching Up With 'Supernatural' Guests; Marisol Nichols 'GCB' Q&A; 'Once Upon A Time' Tease

Community had the unprecedented honor of being honored at the Paley Center For Media’s annual PaleyFest television event for the third year in a row on March 3rd 2012 in Los Angeles, proving the little bubble show that could, which filmed its last twelve episodes of its third season in a vacuum, with no word on when it would return to NBC’s schedule, had truly made it... [MORE]

"Where are Supernatural’s Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr. & Matt Cohen now?"

Supernatural fan favorites like Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester), Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley) and Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel) may have not actually guest starred on The CW’s genre series in a few seasons, but their presence is still felt strongly within the family of the show, primarily at fan conventions around the country. This weekend saw Creation Entertainment’s annual “Salute to Supernatural” convention hit Los Angeles (well, Burbank, to be exact), and all three guys were on hand once again for rockin’ karaoke, hilarious panels, and extra special photo ops... [MORE]

’s Marisol Nichols on catty women, bonding moments & Tom Everett Scott!"

The last television series in which Marisol Nichols had a starring role was The Gates, a summer supernatural drama about a family who moved into a small community where things were not quite what they seemed. Well, we’d hate to call typecasting, but her new series, GCB, is also a drama in which a family moves into a small community where things are not quite what they seem. Only this time Nichols is one of the women deeply enmeshed in the Southern Christian community, having stayed since high school and managed to work her way up the food chain of the wealthy-- and work her way into the popular clique. It may just be the perfect fit! We caught up with Nichols to dish about her character of Heather, as well as all of the other women. You know, behind their backs…like a good GCB! ... [MORE]

"VIDEO: Once Upon A Time spoilers and relationship talk from PaleyFest"

"The audience is way ahead of us. The audience knows that David and Mary Margaret are Prince Charming and Snow White. The audience knows that their happy ending is to be together. So the challenge in keeping them apart is to do it in a way that’s organic to the story, whether it’s something that’s of their relationship or if it’s an outside force," Once Upon A Time show producer Steve Pearlman said to LA TV Insider Examiner on the red carpet of the show's PaleyFest 2012 event earlier today in Los Angeles... [MORE]

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