Thursday, March 8, 2012

From LA Examiner: Joel McHale Teases 'Community' Fans; 'Missing' Advance Review; 'Supernatural' Photos...

Okay, look, I just have to preface this by saying that if you don’t already know the basis of my relationship with Community star McHale, watching my most recent video interview with him (on the red carpet at the show’s PaleyFest 2012 event) may be a bit of an odd experience for you. Yes, he answers my questions seriously…sort of. But he always does so with a little extra mockery. And honestly? If I didn’t get made fun of while chatting with him, I’d think I was doing something wrong! ... [MORE]

"Mid-Season Preview: ABC’s Missing"

Something irks us about ABC’s new action-packed drama, Missing. You see, ABC is going out of their way to advertise the show as about a regular woman (she could be you!) faced with an extraordinarily terrible time. In fact, the commercials go out of the way to focus on Ashley Judd yelling: “I’m just a mother trying to find her son!” And that would all be well and good, if that were actually the story. But in truth, this mother is anything but your average housewife or even working woman, trying to juggle a career and a family. No, this woman is ex-CIA, and this son who goes missing while studying abroad was actually a witness to his (also CIA) father’s death a decade earlier. And these “missing” details certainly change the story that is about to unfold in a way that cannot, nor should not, be ignored... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Supernatural deals with cursed ballet slippers"

Supernatural may have a tall order on deck for the back half of the seventh season-- the Leviathans are still wreaking havoc; Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) is still floating around in Sam's (Jared Padalecki) line of vision; and Misha Collins is about to be resurrected. But before they get to the heaviness that will surely round out the season, fans should prepare for a whole lot of fun and games, and yes, some throwbacks to cases past. In fact, the next all-new episode, "Out with the Old," proves to be one such stand-alone episode... [MORE]

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