Monday, March 26, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'The Killing' S2, 'Apartment 23', & 'Nurse Jackie' S4 Advance Reviews; 'Happy Endings' Season Finale Photo Preview...

"In defense of The Killing in the preamble to its second season premiere"

With all of the online explosion at the end (or lack thereof) of the last season of The Killing, we seem to have forgotten one very simple thing: the entire span of that season was only about two weeks in time in the story. And if we have learned anything from more typical crime dramas, it is that the detectives and investigators looking into the case meet a lot of leads, potential witnesses, suspects, and dead ends before getting their guy*, so to speak. The fact that we are getting to explore each of those things, in relative real time, along with Detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) is what still makes the show, now entering its second season, a strong piece of storytelling. It’s not all about the “endgame” of solving the Whodunit? mystery; it’s about the bits of character and complicated relationships we are immersed in along the way... [MORE]

"Mid Season Preview: ABC's Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23"

Formerly Don’t Trust The B---- in Apartment 23 and now mostly just Apartment 23, ABC’s newest Wednesday night comedy proves to be banking on silly, rather than edgy to draw in an audience... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Happy Endings season finale wedding, Skype & Brian Austin Green"

Happy Endings may be closing out their second season early (in just over one week. Boo!), but they are going out with a big celebration: another wedding. Derrick (guest star Stephen Guarino) is getting married (and to think-- he just developed a crush on a gym mate a couple of episodes prior), and the gang all shows up in their best tuxes to celebrate the happy occasion... [MORE]

"Nurse Jackie rehabs Showtime’s Sunday night schedule"

We honestly don’t know how it is the fourth season premiere of Nurse Jackie already. It feels like just yesterday the show about a drug-addicted nurse was debuting and surprisingly winning us over. But maybe time really does fly when you’re having fun because season four starts as if Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco) did not spend the last few months of our own lives away from us-- and the last few months of her own life unraveling in her own web of lies. The fourth season premiere, “Kettle Kettle Black Black” is strong enough that it could have been the pilot to this series all on its own but instead just acts as the first step toward Jackie Peyton’s new and hopefully improved, sober, life... [MORE]

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