Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From LA Examiner: Phillip Spaeth on 'Smash'; Misha Collins 'Supernatural' Return Photos; 'Breaking In' Concludes Its Love Story; 'Justified' Tease...

"Phillip Spaeth: Smash's passionate pioneer on *and* off screen"

For Phillip Spaeth, the best part about his role as Dennis on NBC’s new musical drama, Smash, may be the “art imitating life” aspect to the show. An accomplished stage ensemble performer himself (he even co-starred with Megan Hilty in performances of Wicked), he is now portraying one on TV. Or maybe the best part about the show is the intense drama and methodical nature to the character development (“I like things that take time to develop and take time to really get invested in the people so when things go absolutely insane, you’re right on board with them,” Spaeth has said). Or perhaps the best part is really just the big, bold musical numbers that deliver on the “wow” factor like nothing he has ever seen before in this medium. The bottom line is, Spaeth is having a blast with his new show. And his love for the work and the environment they have created is evident not just on-screen but in the additional promotion he takes the time to do, namely acting as a behind-the-scenes photographer on set, many images of which he shares with fans on Twitter... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Misha Collins returns to Supernatural"

We already teased Misha Collins' return to Supernatural-- or, should we say, we already had Collins himself tease it-- but now we have your first look at "The Born Again Identity" through some all new promotional photos that The CW has released... [MORE]

"Breaking In introduces a new love triangle, says good-bye to Odette Annable"

“I initially had [Odette Annable] in four episodes, and the one where she leaves is so strong that FOX was like ‘We want that to air as soon as possible.’ So we had to re-shoot an episode where she only had a couple of things to do to take her out. Because the episode where she leaves is so-- it’s the pinnacle of what the show can be, I think. And it’s the third episode, which is great. It’s just very emotional and cool,” Breaking In series showrunner Adam F. Goldberg revealed to LA TV Insider Examiner when we caught up with him on his Los Angeles set last week... [MORE]

"Walton Goggins previews Justified characters crossing the line in "Loose Ends"

Maybe we're wrong, but we always saw Justified's Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) as a character who was comfortable with himself and his methods. He may not have always have used the best methods to go about his ways-- far from it, actually, though Goggins pointed out that "he doesn't always strike back with a gun [and] he rarely uses his fists unless he needs to"-- but he, pardon the pun, was able to justify his behavior and the man he made himself to be in his mind. Yet, the show constantly delivers new conflict for its characters-- coming up against other, darker characters, as well as struggling internally with one's decisions. And as the third season winds down, Goggins shared with LA TV Insider Examiner that Boyd is still on an intense journey, coming into his own in a new way... [MORE]

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