Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From LA Examiner: Preview the 'Alcatraz' and 'The River' Finales; Britt Lower Lightens Up 'Unforgettable'; 'Community' Costume Photos...

"VIDEO: Alcatraz cast and producers preview their first season finale"

The first season of Alcatraz has utilized each “con of the week”s name in each week’s episode title, so when the season finale is entitled “Tommy Madsen,” you’d better expect some things will finally get answered about Rebecca’s (Sarah Jones) grandfather and his ties to the whole secret medical work being done on The Rock in the 1960s. We sat down with much of the cast, and a couple of the producers, at WonderCon this past weekend right here in Anaheim CA to find out just how much insight we’ll be getting, how the “season finale scope” cliffhanger in the third to last episode plays in, and just what it all means for a (still potential) second season... [MORE]

The River’s Leslie Hope & Joe Anderson talk season finale transformations"

The cast of The River has been saying since even before their series aired that every episode was a “big swing” but that the season finale would be the biggest of them all. The weeks have flown by, but that first season finale is already upon us, and series stars Leslie Hope and Joe Anderson are sticking by that declaration. In fact, Hope went so far as to say that her TV son “kicks the living shit out of” the episode-- one that will see its themes of “good versus evil” and “fathers versus sons” through but still unravel mysteries all anew, especially for some of the other crewmembers aboard the Magus now that Captain Emmett (Bruce Greenwood) has returned)... [MORE]

"Britt Lower brings a youthful quirk to Unforgettable"

Britt Lower has a background in comedy and still loves to perform in Improv shows around New York City, so it seems perfectly fitting that she bring a little bit of levity and quirk to her role as Tanya, Unforgettable’s lab tech. Tanya is a rookie in her world on the show, and in reality, the character is somewhat new to Unforgettable fans, only really getting glimpses into who she is in the most recent episodes and through her relationship with Roe (Kevin Rankin). But that sense of the unknown is what excites Lower to read each week’s new script-- because she gets a little bit more insight into who Tanya is every time... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Community takes on Michael Jackson, Judy Garland, and Bono"

If you thought Community went all-out on its Halloween costumes, you ain't seen nothing yet! The next all-new season three episode is about to show you just how much fun this study group can have on just a regular day. Dressing up in costumes is not just for Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) anymore! ... [MORE]

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