Friday, March 9, 2012

From LA Examiner: Q&As with Jennifer Aspen ('GCB') and Brooke Nevin ('Breakout Kings')...

"GCB’s Jennifer Aspen on real life inspirations for Sharon & kissing Carlene"

Did you know that Jennifer Aspen is a huge fan of The Bachelor? So much so that she based part of her new GCB role of Sharon on Emily Maynard, a contestant from last season? We’re not making this up, but the ABC synergy seems like a PR dream come true, doesn’t it!? Like a good Bachelor contestant, Sharon is a little bit larger than life, perhaps too trusting of some influences in her life, and yes, even uber-sensitive. So it’s really no wonder that the role is a dream come true for Aspen who has become known for being able to bring the funny to every show on which she appears. We caught up with her over the phone just prior to the show’s premiere to gossip about her journey with GCB-- starting with auditioning for another “belle’s” role and ending with the hot young pastor she will flirt with (on-screen, of course!)... [MORE]

"Breakout Kings’ Brooke Nevin on “Joyd,” life without Charlie, & guest star Camille Guaty"

Breakout Kings’ Julianne Simms (Brooke Nevin) has a lot on her mind these days. Even before the untimely demise of her sort-of mentor and team leader, her attitude around the office had changed. She seemed less encumbered by stress and much more willing to go with the flow. Those who didn’t know her would think she was just a sassy, modern woman. But those of us who do know her-- from the first season of A&E’s con drama-- saw the warning signs. Something was surely up with her, and Charlie’s death will probably only exacerbate it, right? We caught up with Nevin to get the season two scoop on that and quite a few other show tidbits! ... [MORE]

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