Friday, March 23, 2012

Live-Blogging 'Supernatural's' "The Born Again Identity"...

- The sasquatch runs funny when he's tripping off Satan. But with all the fuss about Misha Collins returning, I have to say I was thrilled to see Mark Pellegrino again.

- The last time Sam (Jared Padalecki) didn't sleep it was because he had no soul. The last time Sam got "high" was from Ruby (Genevieve Padalecki). I'm liking the callbacks to the good ole days already!

- I won't lie: I was kind of hoping Lucifer would pull out bigger guns than just annoying Sam. But then again, I guess he doesn't need to call in additional hallucinations like Bobby (Jim Beaver) or Jess (Adrianne Palicki) or dear old dad (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). He's more than enough, even without reminders of how Sam hurt in hell. His needling now seems like it's nothing compared to what Sam has gone through before, but when it all piles on, and it's literally every second of every day, it's enough. And seeing that, and saying that, there better not be some magical fix at the end of this that just wipes the slate clean. That's not realistic, and that's not interesting.

- Sorry, but Sam looks good in the hospital. The scruff is working for him. If he's going to look like that when he's crazy, let's keep him crazy.

- Was the last faith healer reference talking about season one's "Faith," or was there something after that I forgot? Because damn, that was awhile ago! I'm surprised these guys even remember that! They've been so many places and seen so many things since, and any job begins to blend after awhile.

- Poor helpless Dean (Jensen Ackles). I feel worse for him every episode. Is he so bad off he needs divine intervention to even call someone else for help? That book didn't just leap onto the floor by itself, but I would like to believe the strong hunter he once was is still in him and he could have found that card for himself. Come on, show; stop making him so passive, just going through the motions!

- Oh never mind, I guess Lucifer does like to mix it up when he can.

- Really, Emmanuel? Didn't Castiel make a joke about Emmanuelle in Space a few seasons ago?

- There's nothing weird for you. You didn't have a bromance with his angel doppelganger and then get betrayed so badly you're still reeling without the proper outlet to express your anger and disappointment.

- Hey demon boy, you can't fight, and you can't properly pronounce people's names. You, sir, are a poor substitute for Crowley (Mark Sheppard). Bring back Crowley!

- If you're a faith healer, and you can do remarkable but admittedly mystical things, would you really be so surprised to see something dark but magical on your porch? I'm surprised nothing has come for Emmanuel sooner-- assuming, you know, he didn't just magically form on Earth when Castiel left it, with all the memories and properties as if he had been there the whole time.

- Misha's wearing mom jeans!

- If Emmanuel has such special gifts, how has he never seen another demon's true face before?

- Dean is doing a really good job at holding in the rage and confusion and discomfort he must be feeling toward this stranger with an all-too familiar face. But maybe he's just sliding into the numbness portion of depression.

- It is kind of hard to believe Sam was a guy who saved the world once, Lucifer. He's screwed up in the head now, but he often screwed up on hunts and in life in the past, so he's the unlikeliest of heroes. But isn't that why everyone loves him? He's the underdog.

- I'm glad they explaining Emmanuel's "emergence," and I'm glad it may finally give Dean a chance to get a lot of crap off his chest. But I'm really unnerved by how calm and quiet Emmanuel is. He seems sedated, and it's not because I'm comparing him to Castiel's personality or anything. He just seems barely a person. But I guess that makes sense considering he just kind spontaneously formed on afternoon.

- Okay, I don't care how cute Sam looks in his whites, if I were a tiny little girl in a psych ward who saw this huge, hulky dude freak out and not be in his own right mind just a few hours ago, I wouldn't get so close to him. I wouldn't walk into his room without an orderly behind me. And I certainly wouldn't give him my chocolate!

- What kind of f-ed up Dexter and Debra Morgan situation is going on with this girl? "Kill yourself or I'll do it for you" so they can be joined in the afterlife? That's incestuous and creepy on a whole new level!

- It was good to see Dean still had his fighting instincts in him in the refrigerated aisle. He's still nimble, quick on his feet, and tuned into his surroundings and (mostly) his instincts. That bodes well for his mental state going forward, as well as the possibility of him actually helping his brother beat this Lucifer thing and eventually beat the Levitathans. And his reaction about assuming it was Emmanuel turning on him immediately spoke volumes about his Castiel-created issues. Will he ever be able to trust anyone other than Sam ever again?

- Maybe I have Smash and Ashley Judd's new face on the brain, but I never would have shot Rachel Miner from that angle. She looked like she had Prednisone chipmunk bloat.

- Also, I don't like Meg. And I'm not happy to see her return in this episode or at all. Out of ALL the demons they could have brought back!

- Nope, never mind; doesn't matter how you shoot her; that's just her face now. She moves her mouth too much when she talks and her eyes not enough. It's making everything look like a weird mask. Did I mention I don't like Meg? Don't talk about Crowley; SHOW Crowley. Bring him back instead.

- This is ridiculous. Dean was always the one to get on Sam about making deals with demons, and now he's doing it, even if it's for short-term. Good luck to him explaining to Emmanuel why he's asking him to trust her messed up face.

- This story this girl is telling about her brother being lonely and whispering to her about wanting her to join him-- they've done that before. I can't pinpoint the episode right now, but I like that callback. But I especially like that she's not crazy; that there really is a ghost causing her problems. At least she's not a lost cause/soul. And if Sam can keep it together enough to help her, it will prove he's not a lost cause either. It is super weird that Lucifer is being so quiet when he talks to this girl, but maybe all Sam needs is constant distraction-- to focus his mind on a task, on what's physically right in front of him. Maybe the key is just constantly keeping him busy.

- Aw, Emmanuel doesn't understand our jocular colloquialisms either...

- This is the worst hospital ever! She can just steal weapons. The doors are left wide open and the patients just wander around willy-nilly. The doors slam and the lights flicker and no one comes running? Or they come running, they're just slow. I expect the suicide rate within their walls is very high.

- I suspect this bald doctor is a demon. This is 2012. ECT should not be a viable option.

- For someone who just "formed" a few months ago, Emmanuel may be the best adjusted character of them all. He didn't flinch when he was told he was an angel-- a different species. He actually put it together himself that he was Castiel. And then he went off to try to find his old power.

- This show does the best montages! All of the classic Castiel moments and the perfect way for him-- and us-- to remember why he matters and the mark he made on this world, this show.

- Oh my God if Castiel heals Sam, I am going to be SO annoyed. He was the magic button that could fix the boys' problems, and that is too easy as a story device and boring after all of this time.

- I wonder how hard Sam would have freaked out if he saw Castiel standing above him for a few seconds. I'm sure he would have still assumed it to be a hallucinated, but would he have recoiled the way he does with Lucifer?

- I don't know about this shift. It makes Castiel out to be a martyr in a way that feels too little, too late. He made the ultimate sacrifice, which should have been indicative of early Castiel-- the good guy angel who helped whenever he could-- but in reality, it felt like quite a selfish act, too. Maybe in regaining his old memories he forgot all about the false ones heaped upon him when he walked out of the river (something I wish we could have seen as part of his montage, by the way, but if old memories replaced the new, it explained why we didn't). But I'd hate to have to be Dean, compelled to go visit his wife and try to explain why her husband is not only not coming home, but he's locked away in an asylum. An asylum controlled by demons. Additionally, this doesn't fix all of the things he did to hurt the brothers, or you know, all the people he killed, before, and taking himself out of the equation doesn't really give him the opportunity to answer to those things.

- How the hell did Sam just walk out of the asylum? If it was a normal place, you'd still have to convince them you were sane, and after the episodes he had, that would take awhile. And this one wasn't normal, and they had invested interest in keeping him there, and yet... But when he did walk out, he seemed to be thinking clearer than ever before, even calling Dean out on his demon deal, and I respect that. Maybe the ECT jolts kicked Sam's personality up a notch. I want to see him as a fighter and see him pull his brother back up into the same shape.

- I don't care about this end tag with Meg. I'm sure they wanted to set up the possibility of returning to these two down the line, but honestly, I don't need it. This episode finally gave Castiel proper closure, even if it came kind of quickly and wasn't necessarily the kind I would have personally liked. He is working some things out with his brother now, and you know what? That's where he should be. All of this shit started because God's kids were as screwed up as the rest of us-- moreso, considering their fights became centuries-long feuds. The Winchesters have other issues to deal with and messes to clean up now.

Closing Remarks: Can I just say I don't get what all the fuss was about last night on Twitter when it was leaked that Collins' character was married? It was widely known that when he returned he wasn't going to be Castiel-- to have Castiel's life or memories. Different characters have different lives and backstories, and this was such a minute detail-- a part of the character's life that had no bearing on the story or the part he had to play to get Sam help-- it was barely worth noting. Maybe it was because the news came out without context that fans got spun in a tizzy, imagining ways the show could jump the shark by utilizing it as a major plot point (*cough, "Season Seven, Time For A Wedding," *cough). Maybe it was because the fandom was already so divided over Collins' return that any bit of information was sure to kick-start a heated discussion. I don't know. Jimmy was married and had a kid, and we were all okay with that. Well, maybe not "all;" I can't speak on behalf of everyone, just those who interact with me. But I will say that it's hard to judge before you see, and after I saw, I just felt like it was a nice tidbit to make his character different in as many ways as possible from Castiel-- and also to drive home the destruction Castiel has done. Though he only smited demons tonight, by stepping into Sam's shoes without thought for this woman Emmanuel supposedly loved, he did ruin one more life before he was "out." I was much more concerned with Sam, though. Sam and his ECT and this shift that I'm just not sure has to be a permanent shift. I have a feeling we'll see Castiel one more time before season's end, but even if we don't, there may be another force that steps in and tries to get under Sam's skin. If the wall in his head had crumbled to dust, and some creature-- Leviathan or more simple supernatural being that can prey on weaknesses-- sniffs that out, all bets could be off. Lucifer never did say good-bye to Sam anyway. I like the idea of playing with Sam's mental state now that he's "clean" but has the emotional memories of his recent struggles. It's like when he detoxed off demon blood; the destructive catalyst may no longer be there, but now you have to live with what you witnessed, how you acted, what you felt. Everything Sam heard Lucifer say to him in the beginning, when he was tearing him down and reminding him about hell is all still in his mind. How far in the back can he personally bury it? But other than the return of Meg, tonight's episode was super solid, and I have to give Sera Gamble kudos for that. She had a tough task on her plate, with both Collins' return, as well as wrapping up Sam's insanity without killing off the character, and she handled both with grace and care. Hopefully from here on out all episodes can be as poignant as this one, even if some feature a little more levity. Let's face it, after how dark things got tonight, I am eagerly anticipating the drunken sword-fighting of next week!


Maria G said...

Perhaps you would like to reconsider/rephrase your comments about Rachel Miner's appearance. Misha told people at the recent Burbank convention she'd had some back problems, so obviously she must have taken medication for them and some of them have the unfortunate side effect known as "Moon face." (

danielletbd said...

No, I stand by what I said. It was jarring to see her like that. I'm glad it's not Botox; she's too young! And when I said "messed up face," I wasn't talking about Miner anyway but Meg's true demon appearance, as they established Emmanuel could see earlier in the episode.