Friday, March 30, 2012

Live-Blogging 'Supernatural's' "Party On, Garth"...

- I hate when the "previously on" completely spoils a character's return even before the credits get to. It's going to be a long episode just waiting for the special moment...

- Ah, old school. Sitting around a fire with some kids is oddly reminiscent of "Wendigo" for me.

- These kids are out in the middle of the woods, and this show wants me to believe only one of them is wasted? Please. Sera Gamble may know her Sam suffering, but she doesn't know kids today! (Okay, I know Gamble didn't write this particular episode...)

- At this late stage in the series, let alone season of heaviness as a whole, I have to admit I have severe reservations that this episode is going to be solely stand alone and not move forward the whole Dick Roman/Leviathan battle/Dean depression story at all. I'm thankful for the laughs that watching DJ Qualls pull rank, let alone get drunk, will surely provide, but I want something as epic and emotional as last week's!

- True story: every time I see Qualls I see fake Cousin Leopold, his Big Bang Theory character.

- Drunk and yielding a rifle: better or worse than drunk and brandishing a sword?

- Garth has a girlfriend!? Who does he "heart!?"

- I guess "to Garth" is like "to Britta."

- Dean (Jensen Ackles), if you have to wonder how Sam's (Jared Padalecki) "custard" is, maybe you shouldn't be letting him drive. It may not be the beloved Impala, but he just got out of the crazy house. He's probably not fit to be behind the wheel. Even if visions of Lucifer have been vanquished.

- They're in Kansas, and neither Sam nor Dean were planning to note the significance of being in their home state? What is going on on this show!? It's like they're completely different people. I mean, I know they've been through a lot, but geez...

- Having a Canadian actor take a crack at America with the line about why someone is being sued seemed kind of unfair. Not wrong. Just unfair.

- Sorry, but one sip of vodka does not a drunk kid make. Especially not a 2012 kid.

- This feels very much like a first season episode so far-- and I don't mean that as an insult. Just getting back to the "scare" of the week and being able to travel this deep into the episode without really knowing the significance of the creature attacking those that it is. It's a throwback in a way I didn't even realize I was missing.

- It's a bit poetic to see how Dean deals with Garth. Garth is pretty much Dean a few years ago, having fun, hitting on girls, drinking too much, enjoying the ridiculousness of low rent motels (those who use magic fingers should not throw stones at hot tub soakers). Maybe Garth can bring out the fun-loving Dean I've missed this season (and most of last).

- Oh, the eye-roll. Or Dean will just treat Garth the way he used to treat Sam, as the annoying little brother.

- I don't know, dude; two strange men (who probably smell like booze), not even in suits, want to sit alone with your kid and you let them?

- Oh that sock is just making this creepier. Tell your dad where the sock touched you...

- I don't know. I think it's a big leap, even for Dean who has seen it all, to assume you have to be drunk to see this monster just because the one thing that set the kid apart was "drinking a grown up drink." Usually being plastered is cause enough to assume the person didn't see things clearly. I mean, as it was, "monster" wasn't even an accurate description.

- Well, if Dean still carries things of Bobby's, then absolutely that explains the EMF spikes and weird energy around him. We all know that you don't just have to burn the body but the "artifacts," too. Hell, they acknowledged as much earlier in this episode when Garth thought that homeless girl was the ghost ganking people.

- Sam is huge. How much do you think he has to drink to get drunk? Even if on an empty stomach.

- Is it wrong I now have a craving for sushi?

- I'm glad the show is acknowledging that beer disappearing and how Sam reacted to it. When I interviewed Sera recently, we talked about her intentions for that scene, but sometimes (cough, Ringer) a showrunner has a lot of ideas for things that should come across on-screen but execution falls short and therefore they never do. But Sam dealing with his grief over Bobby by trying to contact him, even if we didn't get to see him do it, adds some insight into the kind of man he is. Though, I admit, I still think that beer had more to do with Dean drinking so much he didn't realize he downed it. His spiral is great-- perhaps even greater than Bobby's resolve.

- Only on the CW would a janitor look like THAT.

- Poor Garth didn't get to use the sword at all!? Bummer.

- If Bobby is here for something so inconsequential, he'll have to be around for the Leviathans, right? Also, I don't think it works like that, Dean. I don't think spirits can always just knock something over to let you know they are there. As much as you may really want to have your answers, um, you're shit-faced. Now more than ever you shouldn't exactly trust that you think the sword moved. Sam had his moment of unraveling and hallucinating. Maybe now it's just your turn. (Can you tell I don't believe in ghosts?)

- So...drunk to see a Shojo; do they have to be high to see Bobby (Jim Beaver)? And am I the only one who hopes he doesn't actually make contact with the boys until the end of the season?

Closing Remarks: A lot of people on Twitter are calling tonight's episode "filler," and I have to say, while I don't agree with the terminology, I do agree with the sentiment. It did prove to be a stand-alone, case of the week, old-school episode. Enjoyable, absolutely, but still leaving something to be desired, yes. As I said earlier, there is just so much going on this season, and the stakes are so high considering the Leviathans are creatures that can't be killed-- and ones that heaven itself had to lock away (I think I have that right, but it's been a long time since I read the Bible, and honestly, I don't remember them even being in there in the first place). I'm getting antsy, wanting the show to continue down that path. I don't know how the show will wrap it up-- or even if it can-- by 7.23, but everyone keeps saying it will be. So it worries me that we just spent an hour doing something completely different. I get it, Dean and Sam have to take detours sometimes when other cases come up or old friends (or in this case, one of their only remaining friends) call, but still. I'm chomping at the bit here!

Also, the character return I referred to in the "previously on" was Bobby. Because the minute they show a long gone character in that lead-up, it's a reminder to the audience their significance and the last time you saw them, almost as a way to ease them back into your life. But Bobby needs no reminder; his death was the single most emotional moment of this series. Yes, even more so than Dean making a deal to save his brother's life or getting dragged to hell, or Sam detoxing off demon blood or getting his soul crammed back in his body. I love the character, and I love the actor, but in a strange way I was at peace with the way he went out. I know why the boys aren't, and why they want to try to hold onto him or see him in the world around them, but... well, for once I just wanted them to have to come to terms with the fact that he's really gone. So many of their other loved ones were brought back (not necessarily from the dead, but their likenesses were in front of the boys again nonetheless) and used as devices to torture them, emotionally and at times physically. Ultimately this had to cloud and color the way they thought of these loved ones. Can Dean ever really think about his mother without remembering the scene from the diner, even if intellectually he knows that wasn't her but a demon wearing her face? I don't want them to do that to Bobby. And I really don't want them to use Bobby as another Castiel, swooping in with some other worldly knowledge or skill to help them defeat the Leviathans at the last minute. That's too "easy." If nothing else, I just like the fact that Bobby is there, keeping an eye on them. Because isn't that what we've all been taught happens when people die anyway? They leave this plane, but they never really leave us. And Supernatural has certainly played with that concept before, but I just don't want them to mess with it too much when it comes to him.


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