Friday, March 16, 2012

Live-Blogging 'Supernatural's' Return with "Out with the Old"...

- I'm sorry, but this chick has nothing on Black Swan. And how exactly does one dance one's self to death? I understand dehydration and breaking bones, but this is just excessive. Even for a show like this.

- Someone on my Twitter feed asked me if I thought Frank was real or just in Dean's (Jensen Ackles) increasingly darkening mind. And now that's all I can see. I feel like he's Tyler Durden-ing it.

- Biggerson's reference!

- "Hot tutu on tutu action," oh, Dean; it's nice to know you still have some of your old snarky self left in you!

- Nice to see "Bring your daughter to work day" still exists, but I don't think it's very fun or fair to keep your kid tucked away in the back evidence closet...even if your main job is to keep watch over that boring stuff.

- Dean getting kicked in the head wouldn't have been funny (Oh, dear God, the face. NOT THE FACE!) except for the "Sorrys" exclaimed by the little girl.

- Mary Page Keller! Oh man, seeing someone like her "in passing" pretty much confirms to me that she is behind the curse somehow. Maybe her constant needling for these businesses to sell is what triggered or activated the curse in the first place. Or maybe she was just the target-- but the item never found its way to her.

- I really, really want to see Dean dance.

- I'm glad the knives weren't cursed. I didn't need to see anymore blood than from the stumps in the opening scene, but hot water blisters aren't a whole lot better. I appreciate not having to see too much of it, and I more than appreciate the creativity when it comes to crafting that death.

- How would a gramophone kill you? Never mind, how would old porn kill you!?

- Ha! Oh Dean, you and I think SO alike!

- Never mind, I get it: the gramophone just plays music that makes you want to kill yourself. Yikers, that is old-timey and awful.

- that the porn is in Dean's trunk, it's going to magically turn itself into Busty Asian Beauties in order to entice him, isn't it?

- Aw, Dean, you need to take your own advice and not just spout off at the mouth to other people about not feeling guilty and moving on and living your life and whatever.

- Is it just me or are these scenes with the cursed objects moving really fast? Maybe because a curse is so "easy" for Sam and Dean, they can identify it, get on top of it, and stop it within minutes, but it feels like the show is just going through the motions of a couple of victims (or would-be victims) to get to something bigger.

- George reminds me of Frank from Miss Congeniality. And we all know how that turned out: he was the "muscle" but his mother was the mastermind. I'm pretty confident I know where this is going.

- Whoa, wait, if she can take their form, this is much more than a simple curse. Thank GOD. It is too late in the game-- and the season-- for this to "just" be a lighter-hearted stand alone episode. Leviathan insight, here we come! I just hope the cursed objects actually fit in somewhere and it's not just the device used that allows the boys to "stumble" upon the bigger truth. Again, it's too late in the game-- and the series-- for that kind of storytelling to be acceptable.

- I know Sam is just turning the tunes up to keep his hallucinations at bay, but I think it makes him a wee bit cooler. Dean would be proud of the blasting rock-- even if it's not in the Impala.

- If Sam is self-imposing sleep deprivation, Dean really should be a bit more worried. They have a huge task at hand, and if it's distracting Dean a little bit now from really worrying the way he should, it's only going to bite him later when Sam's spiral becomes a longer-term distraction from going after Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart).

- I honestly didn't see it coming that George was a Leviathan, too. I assumed he was just a lackey. A kid desperate for any job or a guy who couldn't get any other work because of his incompetence-- or even someone who liked to dabble in the dark side.

- "Call me if you don't die" certainly supports the theory that Dean is using Frank as someone to project part of his own inner monologue onto. Sometimes you just need to hear certain things, and hearing them in your own voice isn't reassuring at all. So you assign someone else's. And normally Dean would have Bobby (Jim Beaver) to call up and get guidance in his own way-- even if it was to just be called an "idjit" to know whether or not he was on the right track about something-- physically or morally. Without Bobby, Dean has certainly been lost.

- Okay, look, I'm fully aware that last bullet-point was completely me projecting my desire for Dean to have something deeper going on in this season onto the show. I don't really believe Frank isn't real. But he's such a poor man's Bobby I'm having fun imagining the possibilities of him just being a figment. I'm just not sure if he's less tragic that way. Certainly Dean is much more tragic that way. And you know I like a broken boy.

- Wow, it's been forever since we saw a Leviathan. I forgot about that weird tongue thing. They really are scary beasts!

- Okay, wow again, but this time in a much different capacity. George was wimpy, but it's kind of ridiculous that he would kowtow to Sam and Dean so quickly and actually help them.

- Gotta love a good decapitation!

- Wait, they can't possibly be leaving this douchebag alive, can they? They're tired, sure; Sam said enough himself; but they're not completely soft or stupid. And if he thinks otherwise, he's a fool.

- Sam, for once you speak the truth: Why would Dick Roman want to cure cancer? Dick Roman is everything that's wrong with America right now. Everyone who I have spoken to, Padalecki included, who work on the show have said as much. So if George is feeding a party line, that is one thing. If George really believes the party line, that's another. But if the Leviathans really want to, what. the. hell? That opens a whole can of worms about God because didn't God lock them away in the first place? Is this a statement that God is corrupt in His own right and He locked them away because he needed things like war and famine and cancer in order to balance out His world and appreciate the good things? On a completely selfish, personal note, I will say that idea intrigues me. I've always been very anti-organized religion, so anything that challenges the structure and the holier-than-thou attitude raises my eyebrows in the right way. But I just don't see how this can play out without there being another big twist to come. Let's face it: Dean and Sam have had to make some pretty screwed up decisions in their day-- in this season, even, killing childhood friends and off-spring and all that-- but if they have to make a decision to back off the monsters who are still eating people because they may also be saving some? That's...twisted.

- I know seeing yet another one of the Sam and Dean's allies drop like a fly should have struck a chord with me, but it just...didn't. Maybe because we barely got to know Frank; maybe because we really didn't get to know him with the boys at all (distant phone conversations are no substitute for actual interaction); maybe because I just grieved so hard for Bobby, but seeing Frank's bloody, trashed trailer just made me go "Meh." He didn't seem like he could stand side-by-side with Sam and Dean in a Leviathan battle anyway, so to me this was just a loose end that would need to be tied up. Since we didn't actually see a dead body, I'm not saying this thread is tied up. I'm sure he'll be used as bait down the line. But that's kind of where his usefulness ends, in my opinion. He would only drag the boys down.

Closing Remarks: I said it before, but I'm so SO glad that this episode gave us more information about the Leviathans and their end game-- even if what we learned is a lie or just a fraction of the truth. It's early enough in the season that if Dean and Sam can take this nugget of information and really do their due diligence, they can stand a fighting chance in learning exactly what's going on and why and then how to go up against it. Of course, even if that is their plan now, things are going to get derailed. We saw a taste of that with Frank being "missing," but we will see much more next week when Sam loses it and Dean has to deal with conflicting emotions at seeing an old friend's face on a new potential ally. Still, even if they take an episode or two away from the main fight here, there is ample time to explore it properly and provide a major pay-off.

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