Thursday, April 26, 2012

Additional Examiner Notes: MTV Picks Up 6 New Shows; 'Fringe' Renewed For One Final Time; Julie Plec Teases Finale Two 'The Vampire Diaries' Episodes...

"MTV picks-up 6 new shows, announces S2 premiere for Teen Wolf"

MTV hosted their Upfront presentation earlier today, announcing the return of fan favorite summer series Awkward. and Teen Wolf, as well as unveiling a new slew of programming, which perhaps surprisingly, is an equal mix of scripted and reality programming... [MORE]

"FOX confirms a Fringe fifth but final season"

Get ready, Fringe fans: we have some bittersweet news for you. While FOX confirmed a fifth season for the acclaimed genre series will be coming for the 2012-2013 season, it is also the final one... [MORE]

"Julie Plec previews The Vampire Diaries, after the Alaric revelation" 

“Alaric wants the originals dead, and the very first thing we see at the head of the next episode is Alaric at the high school where Caroline and Rebecca are having a little post-dance clean-up, so things only get worse from there!” ... [MORE]

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