Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Hart of Dixie' Tears Apart Its Love Triangle; Cassie Steele, The Quintessential 'LA Complex' Girl...

"Hart of Dixie calls off a wedding and its main love triangle!?"

Tonight’s episode of Hart of Dixie entitled “Bachelorettes & Bullets” delivered a bombshell when not only Lavon (Cress Williams) came clean to George (Scott Porter) about kissing Lemon, but Lemon herself (Jaime King) opened up about the whole sordid (?) affair. At the end of it, George just wanted to get away from the women who had lied to him (yes, we said women, as Zoe (Rachel Bilson) felt his wrath from covering for her not-even-a-friend Lemon), while Lemon was determined to carry on as normal, assuming this would all just “blow over.” But for a show that is creeping toward its first season finale, it’s a big, bold step to make to blow apart the love triangle driving the series! What could possibly come next? LA TV Insider Examiner caught up with executive producer Leila Gerstein and series co-stars Cress Williams and Wilson Bethel to get some answers... [MORE]

"Cassie Steele is The LA Complex' quintessential Los Angeles girl"

If you live out here in Los Angeles, chances are you know a girl or two-- or six or seven-- like The L.A. Complex’ Abby Vargas (Cassie Steele). She’s most likely a transplant (Abby is down from the great white north); she’s most likely working odd jobs “for now” that leave time for auditions; she’s most likely just hoping for that one project that sparks more and more-- so she can work consistently. Los Angeles runs on young talent like Abby-- those who are passionate and driven and determined to make it at any cost... [MORE]

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