Monday, April 16, 2012

From LA Examiner: Jeremy Sisto Reunites with Alicia Silverstone; 'Supernatural' Photo Preview; 'Nikita' Preview; Connor Paolo Testifies on 'Revenge'

"Suburgatory’s Jeremy Sisto spills on reuniting with Alicia Silverstone"

Bad news, long-time Clueless and newer Suburgatory fans: when Alicia Silverstone guest stars as Eden on Emily Kapnek’s acclaimed new suburban comedy, she will not ‘enter’ by returning a Cranberries CD to George (Jeremy Sisto). But for any of you who “shipped” Cher and Elton back in the day, you will get something a whole lot better! ... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Bobby's back on Supernatural...but for how long?"

Supernatural knew how to leave us hanging by bringing Bobby (Jim Beaver) back for our eyes only...and then taking a hiatus. Way to tug with our heartstrings, right? Dean (Jensen Ackles) walked back into the motel room, and with an almost teary expression, exhaled "There you are" to his flask. While Bobby was standing right there. What does a guy have to do to make himself seen to a couple of hunters who deal in ghosts all of the time!? ... [MORE]

"Danielle Dishes: Nikita delivers many more emotions than just “Wrath”

This on-again-off-again schedule for Nikita is driving us crazy, how about you? Just as the action is intensifying, the show goes on hiatus for a bit. We know when it returns, as it does this Friday with the all-new “Wrath,” it will be bigger, and more explosive, than ever, but it’s the waiting that kills us. It’s such a high stakes world, and we want to be a part of every minute of the planning. After all, the minute an enemy is out of sight, out of mind, that’s when all hell tends to break loose for Nikita herself (Maggie Q), right? ... [MORE]

"Revenge’s Connor Paolo previews the trial that tears families further apart"

Declan Porter (Connor Paolo) is in a tough position when Revenge returns with all new episodes. Being one of only two witnesses to the fatal beach shooting of Tyler (Ashton Holmes), Declan is in a powerful position. Surely the Graysons will want him to provide expert eyewitness testimony that the man who pulled the trigger couldn’t possibly be Daniel (Josh Bowman), but if he does that, all fingers may point to someone even closer to Declan. Rock, Declan, hard place, are we right? But personally, we don’t quite see what some of the fuss is about. No one liked Tyler; he had pulled a gun on the Grayson family at a previous engagement; self-defense, no matter who pulled the trigger, should be a valid plea. Honestly the person who took him out should be celebrated, not imprisoned! But that’s just our biased vigilante sense of judgment talking. So we caught up with Paolo just before Revenge was set to return to get his take... [MORE]

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