Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From LA Examiner: Jim Beaver Spills More 'Supernatural' Spoilers; 'Veep' Deleted Scene; Jonathan Patrick Moore Analyzes 'The L.A. Complex'; 'The Lying Game' Renewed...

Now that Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) can finally see Bobby (Jim Beaver), at least some of the time, on Supernatural, it isn’t one big happy reunion. They don’t really have the time for hugs and heart-to-hearts, after all, what with the Leviathan battle staring them down the face. So the boys may be disappointed that Bobby has chosen to stick around-- and they may not be sure how much they can really trust a vengeful spirit... [MORE

"Veep Deleted Scene: Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn't leave viewers hanging"

If you tuned into Julia Louis-Dreyfus' new comedy series on HBO, Veep, last night, you undoubtedly caught the comedy legend in what could potentially be her best role, if not yet most iconic. Louis-Dreyfus stars as Vice President Selina Meyer, a woman who puts her foot in her mouth more often than not and has staffed her support team with those who bumble in their own rights. She is politically incorrect and shrewd about the seeming ridiculous... [MORE]

If you were an up-and-coming actor just trying to land that first part that will take you out of poverty-- out of a crummy apartment and day-to-day financial struggling-- and you found yourself the lead of a network television show, you’d be jumping for joy, right? You’d be thrilled to have finally achieved the success you wanted and to be given the opportunity to show the world just how talented you know you are, right? Well, then you might not have much in common with The L.A. Complex’ Connor Lake (Jonathan Patrick Moore). Because unlike those around him who seem so gut-wrenchingly sure they are amazing, he actually constantly worries he isn’t good enough-- and that landing this role on a nighttime medical soap (he’s The CW’s McDreamy, you guys!) was a fluke despite going through eight tests and convincing everyone from casting directors to producers to the network executives themselves that he could do it... [MORE]

"ABC Family announces The Lying Game season two"

ABC Family announced today the official pick-up of the second season of the acclaimed drama series The Lying Game. The new season will begin production this summer for a winter premiere. It seemed pretty obvious the show would return, but it's nice to have official confirmation, right? ... [MORE]

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