Friday, April 6, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'LA Complex' Photo & Casting Preview; Colin Egglesfield Heats Up 'The Client List'; Advance Review of 'Girls'...

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Meet the residents of The LA Complex"

"Small fish. Big pond. Huge dreams. Every day, young people with stars in their eyes get off the bus in Los Angeles in search of fame and fortune," says The CW about their new drama, The L.A. Complex, and quite frankly, we couldn't have said it better ourselves. The show centers on a group of up-and-comers, wannabes, and "almost weres" in the entertainment industry, all still struggling to make a living doing what they've always dreamed about. They're pretty and pretty talented, but sometimes that just isn't enough... [MORE]

"Krista Allen moves into The LA Complex"

It's been a big day for us and The L.A. Complex! After heading out to the Warner Brothers lot in Los Angeles to interview a few of the stars for the series' first season run on The CW (premiering April 24th), we returned to learn (per Deadline) that another one of our faves has joined the cast, to appear in the next batch of episodes. Krista Allen will be coming in as "Jennifer Blake, an A-list movie star"... [MORE]

"The Client List’s “cowboy” Colin Egglesfield heats things up with Jennifer Love Hewitt"

Colin Egglesfield may just be the perfect Lifetime leading man. He’s tall; he’s dark; he’s handsome; and he’s a nice guy. For a network that specializes in programming for women, you can’t ask for a better pick than Egglesfield as romantic lead. But when LA TV Insider Examiner caught up with him at the junket for his new Lifetime series, The Client List, he explained that things aren’t as easy as they seem for Evan, Riley’s (Jennifer Love Hewitt) brother-in-law who may find himself keeping just as many secrets from her as she is from him... [MORE]

"Mid-Season Preview: HBO's Girls"

Open on an upper middle class, somewhat entitled twenty-something college graduate working on the never-ending book that could and slumming it with a roommate in New York City. She’s out at dinner with her well-meaning, and well-to-do parents, healthily shoveling into her mouth what can only be assumed to be her only real meal of the week, let alone the time since they last paid her a visit. Rip the tablecloth right out from under her when her parents say they are cutting her off financially, and she and her college education will have to support herself from here on out. You’d say ‘Damn right!’, right? You’d say ‘About time!?’ You’d happily welcome this lost little girl into the 99%. And yet you find yourself feeling badly for her as you do. Because what Lena Dunham has created with her new HBO comedy Girls is not just a black and white depiction of a spoiled kid finally having to learn to make her own way-- no, what Dunham has taped into is the struggle of an entire generation of kids who were taught to the tests and then set out in the world without many discernible skills and even less knowledge on how to apply the ones they did manage to acquire... [MORE]

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