Monday, April 23, 2012

Live-Blogging 'Smash's' "Publicity"...

- Thank you, Derek (Jack Davenport), for seeing her as Karen (Katharine McPhee) and not Marilyn. Because when you see her as Marilyn, you see her as a sex object only, and when you see Karen you (usually) see a really talented performer.

- Who is this low rent DiMaggio!? Where is my Will Chase? Oh Julia (Debra Messing), you fired a hottie and hired a...nottie.

- I highly doubt a big time "movie star" like Uma would be threatened by the potential of a no-name understudy.

- Karen is a bad judge of character with Dev (Raza Jaffrey), but is she so green that she would trust Uma? Did she learn nothing from Ivy (Megan Hilty)!?

- I'm okay with Smash replacing songs with scenes if it means we'll actually linger on something longer than 6/8s of a page. I have a short attention span, but this is getting out of hand. I want to sit with the characters and feel what they feel. The only time I get to do that lately on this show is when they're in song.

- WTF? Who calls Karen Derek's muse? I mean, other than me in my early rambly over-analyzations?

- I like Karen's jacket, and I love whatever this is that she's singing. Why isn't *this* on the soundtrack!?

- NO! I am vetoing this Dev without Karen shit.

- Tom (Christian Borle) and Derek's cat-fighting is adorable, but not on company time.

- I like this idea of the Marilyn shadow selves. I said from the beginning I wanted the musical to show multiple versions of Marilyn-- the one pre-fame, pre-Hollywood, and the one post. I know the show won't stick with this, but it's intriguing to play with for the time being.

- I have to hand it to Uma: her "catch more flies with honey" approach is way better than Ivy's "turn up my nose and passive aggressively try to force my competition out." But uh, did anyone else think Uma was coming on to Karen with the "he might be?" I mean, I will come around to Team Uma if she gets rid of Dev, but I'm just saying. There was a weird bit of subtext that I don't think was intentional but instead simply art imitating art and Uma not being able to pull off the deviousness.

- You don't have to go, Tom; Frank isn't threatened by you.

- See, Julia? I told you your son was a druggie burn-out. You'll find him on the Wall if he goes to Stuyvesant and in the Park if he goes to private school. I wish he went to public so he'd be found under a bridge. D.O.A. Too harsh?

- Julia needs to stop crying. Or rather, Smash needs to stop giving her reasons to cry. It's not a good look, and it's taking away the strength and resolve she showcases at work. Because it takes her away from work. And where I want to see her is at work!

- I am loving the pointed commentary this show is making about teaching a green artist the ropes rather than bringing in a seasoned "star" from another medium. But I fear it's getting lost in the noise around it. It's very subtle, and it is in very short, sporadic bursts. I fear that audience members who are as green to the theater world as, well, Uma is might be swept up in the spectacle that is the star instead.

- That was a very choreographed run. When I saw it in the promo, I thought it was part of the "Bombshell" choreography, but no. Just OTT stagey.

- Oh thank God, Eileen (Anjelica Huston), there you are! More so, I love Ellis (Jaime Cepero) being relegated to smoothie duty. That has to be even a step lower than fetching coffee.

- When Ivy gets a moment to let her hair down and relax, she's really fun. Wait up, Ivy! I want to go out for drinks, too!

- I would really love to see Julia snap and turn into Dexter

- I assumed Uma was the racist enough one to suggest an Indian restaurant for dinner with Dev. But her doing the stereotypical accent didn't let me down.

- Oh boys, put your swords away. Eileen's is biggest.

- Okay, here is the perfect example of where I wish Smash had continued the scene and not devolved into song instead. I am actually interested in watching characters conversate, and yes, argue. Sometimes the most poignant revelations come out then. And instead I'm given Dev singing? No thank you. Admittedly I don't quite "get" Bollywood in general. The music is always peppy, even when they're singing of dark or serious topics-- you know, like right now. But in this instance what's worse is that this is all just in Karen's mind, when really it's a conversation she needs to actually have.

- Oh look, the most mature character actually gets to have a real conversation. 

- Okay, but undercover Julia is pretty funny.

- This loser teenager is the voice of reason. It's not a good look for Smash. Then again, you can't judge kids by their appearances-- or by their clouds of pot smoke, apparently. And um, you'll tell him to call her? How about she'll go in there and take him out by force. He's an insufferable little shit, but he's her insufferable little shit.

- No Frank, kill them both. And then kill Ellis. Actually, Frank should be the one who snaps and pulls a Dexter. I think James would be amazing if he dives into his dark side.

- Okay, this leniency right here? This is why Leo (Emory Cohen) is the way he is.

- OMG IVY IS GOING TO POISON THE MOVIE STAR! This is *not* going to have the same comedic effect that The Big Bang Theory had when Howard ate a peanut to keep Leonard out of the apartment so Penny could set up his surprise party...

- Okay, I'll admit, that's not how I thought things would go. I mean, I know Ivy is smart and devious, but I didn't think she'd bring Ellis into it. The thing is, Ellis lives and breathes on blackmail, and in the end, I fear this biting Ivy, instead of Ellis. Unless, of course, Uma dies from peanut, and he takes the heat. His fingerprints are on everything. Actually, now that I think about it, it's Ivy's world against Ellis', and everyone hates Ellis, so...there's your perfect crime!

- Leo needs consequences for his actions. He's never going to grow up. We can only bitch and moan about how terrible he is for so long. After all, if those in the power positions let him get away with how terrible he is, at what point do we call them out on that? Because you're never going to change if you don't think you're doing something wrong. And even when Leo knows what he has done is wrong, things are swept under the rug and not discussed, WASP-style. There's something to be said for feeling guilty and wanting to protect your child; there's another thing completely in coddling to the point of ignoring the very serious problems.

- Ugh, Megan, we're all just living in your shadow. Can I pre-order your album yet?

- Damn. No death by peanut.


QTangoDancer said...

Have started following you just so I can giggle and laugh with you and outrage and demand Will Chase back! Love what you say and how you say it.!

Mikey said...

I was so upset that I almost missed this show - thankfully a co-worker at DISH reminded me this morning that NBC shows are available on the day after they air. And I thought this was a great episode once I got through it. I'll admit, I was right there with you on the death by peanut bit. I knew Ivy was devious but that scene shocked me. And when I saw what Ivy had really planned... oh, that really got me. I definitely like Karen a lot better than Ivy.