Monday, April 30, 2012

Live-Blogging 'Smash's' "Tech"...

- I kind of love how close Tom (Christian Borle) and Sam (Leslie Odom Jr.) have gotten so quickly. I don't quite know what to do with this 'everyone says good-bye to NY montage, though.' Look, I grew up there, Grand Central is not that glamorous. And I don't understand why this show can't give us a little backstory-- I find myself already wondering why they're doing tech in Boston when New York is full of stages. Surely they could have thrown us one expository line! I know, I know, the fact that I'm asking for one shocks me, too!

- I wish I was savvy enough to look at that theater and recognize it from the ornate statues on the walls, but in all honesty, it could have been anything from the Nederlander to the Pantages in my mind. They're all laid out the same!

- Boo, Julia (Debra Messing). Boo at your moon eyes for boring ole Frank (Brian d'Arcy James). Also boo that Uma Thurman is still being toted around with this production. 

- Ivy (Megan Hilty) knows her stuff. I wonder why she has never considered taking charge of her work in theater a little bit more. She could be directing or teaching kids, and those could lead to directing bigger shows. I know her dreams of being on stage, being a star, wouldn't be fulfilled there, but she has so much knowledge, and so many people (Karen included) could benefit.

- Was that the first time Derek (Jack Davenport) told Ivy he loved her? He said it in such a casual, passing way that it seemed like it would have been passed back and forth a number of times, but the look on her face seemed to say otherwise.

- Ugh, Dev (Raza Jaffrey), now you're just upsetting everyone. I'm sure you think you're being sweet for calling, but it's selfish. People are trying to sleep! Gotta agree with the nameless roommate on this one: "Really?"

- What pilots shoot in Vegas!?

- Okay, Derek's my new favorite. He gets shit done; he solves problems before they can even really become problems; and HE'S BRINGING BACK MICHAEL SWIFT (Will Chase).

- It does, Uma. It does look better on Karen (Katharine McPhee).

- I'm so conflicted. I like seeing Julia smiling again (anything but those big tears), but I don't think this is going to last. I feel like Leo (Emory Cohen); I'm so on edge! And I would like some pancakes.

- Yup, Derek's my favorite. Grow a pair, Tom! You've undoubtedly talked her through worse.

- I hate all the extra crap Uma gets away with that Derek would ream Ivy or Karen out for. I get that she's a big movie stah and whatever, and everyone always kisses their asses, but he's Derek. He usually doesn't play into those games.

- Yes, they do, Derek. Everyone thinks Uma's a joke. Stop coddling her and tell her shape up or ship off to do a pilot, too.

- I do find it interesting that Uma is having such doubts and showcasing such vulnerability. I find it completely inauthentic, of course, but I'm not sure if that's my criticism of Thurman's own ability to tap into this complex character, or if Rebecca Duvall herself is just so melodramatic because that's how stars get catered to that she's pulling another one over here. In my experience in this business, those who are difficult to deal with-- who always ask for their line or reminder of where their marks are or who get nervous about a last minute change, be it casting or something much more personal-- are the ones who are insecure about their own abilities. Uma postures so much, I should probably assume the same is true of her. But I get my fill of that with Ivy, and Ivy is such a beautifully complicated woman internally, Uma just seems like a caricature in comparison. So I'm leaning toward the assumption that she's bullshitting for attention right now.

- Please, Ellis (Jaime Cepero), there are things you don't know.

- Karen seems to finally be coming to her senses. I'm not saying I want her to completely choose her work over her personal life (though I do think if she wants to get ahead, she needs to focus a little bit better).

- Oh Julia, bringing back Michael Swift makes the rest of us so in, so if you're the casualty in this war, I hate to say it, but I'm okay with that. Stop being a big diva baby. You shat where you ate, and that was your own problem. You have to be professional and think of what's best for the show. Eileen (Anjelica Huston) is being far too lenient with you. If you don't want to sacrifice your family for this business, you honestly may never work in this business again. It's a demanding, cruel mistress. BUT then you'll finally have the time and energy to devote to adopting, so it's actually not a bad thing.

- Hmm, McPhee said the person who comes between Dev and Karen is not who you might think. This is exactly what you might think from the soap opera this show has become. Stopping at just kissing still counts as cheating, and it can give her the 'out' she needs-- and finally seems to want.

- Actors can come in the night before and kill a performance, but is that really the kind of unprofessional show you want to run? And what are the odds, with all of the problems "Bombshell" has so far, that the actor you get on a whim, at the last minute actually would kill? Come on, Julia; use your head! I think even Frank can tell Michael is the best person for the job, and it will ruin the show not to have him.

- Ah, Tom, the voice of reason. Yes, Derek, why? But I like the deal you're striking. And having seen a preview of the Ivy/Karen number you're fighting for, I like it even more.

- Oh yikes, Derek, this can't possibly be working on you, can it? It's not even original! I know you have some kind of crazy Marilyn fantasy or whatever, but no.

- Sam seems kind of reluctant to see his family, but he's so insanely well-adjusted as a man, I can't imagine they're anything but angelically unreal.

- Oh God, I think Uma is going method. More method than Ivy ever went. Even with the pills. Speaking of the pills, did they just drop that or is it going on behind the scenes with no indication?

- Okay, I'm glad Julia pointed out how fast things were rushing forward with this play. It's not just me being too old for the ADD generation.

- I hope Frank realizes that Julia's reluctance to confide in him what is wrong-- or the fact that something even actually is-- is a bad sign for their relationship. I hope he'll take the hint and move back out. She's clearly still not ready to face up to that kind of confrontation.

- It is terrible, Tom; it's exposition. Exposition is always terrible. Thankfully that is one thing Smash doesn't give us, so "Bombshell" shouldn't either.

- Oh shit, Ivy; now you're a glorified costume assistant. Maybe that Hell on Earth play wasn't so bad after all.

- I'm not sure what the rules are in the theater, but why do they have to get a whole new book writer if Julia quits-- why can't they just give her partial credit with the new person as co-writer? I mean, Eileen's right in that Tom will hate it and quit, but legally, I think they're covered. It happens in Hollywood all of the time that people are brought in to punch up scripts-- sometimes with the original writer's blessing, and sometimes not.

- Derek, you BETTER just be buttering this b*tch up because she's so fragile and insecure. I don't want to believe you're just another stupid dude who thinks with the wrong head.

- Oops. Guess I spoke too soon. Gross, Derek. Why is it so hard to root for these people!?

- Tom and Sam's dad are getting along so well! It's refreshing. And a little weird since it's causing attention to how young Sam probably is supposed to be and how Tom and his dad are probably closer in age than Tom and Sam.

- A Neti pot? Oh, Ellis, that's so...cliche.

- Weird loser agent guy, you of all people know how Ellis can't handle anything!

- Thanks to the promos, I know Dev is about to propose, but a little part of me keeps hoping he's going to tell her he's dying instead.

- Say no, girl.

- I think I love Sam the most. And his adorable family.

- Oh come on Bobby, you're almost as bad as Ellis: these two were just starting to get friendly, and now you're pitting them against each other. Why not say a "duet" instead of a sing-off? Because their duets are magical. And don't imply only one of them comes out ahead.

- Holy shit. Did she really record this acapella or did they just strip the beginning of the track? Karen should just respect this one and declare her the winner without even trying to follow it.

- Okay hang on there, you're taking some liberties with the images and flashbacks Ivy actually witnessed.

- As amazing as that was, I have to point out that until two minutes ago they were at a party. Way to bring the mood down. And of course Dev is going to bring it down further. Go to Washington, dummy. So much wrong with the words coming out of your mouth. You only knew in the moment of almost sleeping with RJ that you only wanted to be with Karen? And you were supposed to be the good guy...

- Is Leo the voice of reason now, too? Something is very wrong in the Houston household. I'm going to send someone over to check for mold. Or a gas leak.

- Ah, there it is. Fun fact: when I chatted with Hilty at the end of last week for my Inspirational Women profile, I asked her if she thought having someone like Derek, who may be harsh at times but offers criticism that can be constructive too, is better than having someone like Dev who just butters you up but doesn't really know what he's talking about, in her life. The pause in her voice before she answered-- because she didn't know how I could possibly know (and truth be told, I wasn't running a hunch by her, I was just comparing both girls' guys)-- told me everything I needed to know about where the story was going. Although, shouldn't their names raise a red flag for either of them? I can't believe they're super common names, even in New York, and Karen has whined about each of them, just to the other one.

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bitchstolemyremote said...

Interesting that you called it. Clearly Ivy knew who Dev was (and he CLEARLY should have know who she was), but all in all this development sucks (our take:

Dev is in no way a great character, but this just reignites the stupid rivalry between Karen and Ivy, even as we already have a bunch of stupid behaviour from everyone else.

Thank goodness the songs are good!