Thursday, April 26, 2012

Defining Your '90s Girlhood...

Today seems to be the day for nostalgia! After taking a trip down memory lane for those FOX galleries, I stumbled upon TresSugar's own gallery of 1990s staples. At 240 photos, it ranges from everything consumer goods to teen heartthrobs that little girls (and some boys) grew up with in the decade that was my own personal heyday. I counted 189 items that I once owned and am now kicking myself for not keeping-- even if they are still not really worth anything.

Click here for "240 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off." 

But I can think of quite a few more items and icons that I would have added if I had been the one to create the slideshow. Admittedly, some of them may be bleed over from the '80s, but hey, every generation recycles a little!

Where was Scream or California Dreams or Recess or Tiny Toons or even Ghostwriter on this list? I refuse to believe I was the only one  as greatly influenced by them as I was. What teenager making the shift from cassettes to portable CD players didn't have at least the first volume of "Jock Jams" blasting during their bus rides to and from camp!? And I was sad to see Ace of Base or the Snap! single "Rhythm is a Dancer" didn't make TresSugar's cut, either :(

(Embarrassing true story: Snap! was the first CD I ever bought...strictly for that song. This was before I knew what a "single" was. We listened to it a lot in my dance class.)

Food wise, I still wonder what chugging Clear Pepsi and Orbitz soda while crunching on handfuls of Bugles and Candy Cigarettes (gum or sugar-- the chocolate ones were nowhere to be found by the '90s in my neigborhood :( ) did to my insides, but wasn't the Good Humor truck a big deal in your neighborhoods, as well? I still eat Pringles and Dunkaroos, though I'm glad to say I gave up Funyuns a long time ago.

And while I understand Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages may have originated in an earlier decade, so did Pogs, and the latter made the list due to the popular resurgence, so the former should have, as well. I also-- and maybe this was just limited to me-- used to collect those Claire's keychains that were basically miniature versions of real working things, like the mini-Etch-a-Sketch or MagnaDoodle (the real one, like Joey and Chandler hung on the back of their apartment door).

My friends and I used to spend hours playing with Fisher Price kitchen and playhouse sets, Barbie Jeeps, and the games Crack The Case, Dateline, and Electric Dream Phone, as well as with our individual Casio "My Magic Diaries," which I still consider the very first smartphone. Sure, it couldn't actually make calls, but do any of us use our current smartphones as phones anyway!? And then as we got a little bit older and a little bit farther into the decade, there were pagers and beepers and actual brick-sized cell phones...on which I loved to play Snake.

I have to hand it to TresSugar, though. They may have started me on a tangent, but they knew the perfect way for me to relax a bit after a really busy day. And by digging up photos of Disney Handheld Games, Littlest Pet Shop, and Quints Dolls, they had me remembering not just things but actual events and moments in my life that I had long since put out of my mind and didn't even realize I had forgotten.

What were your favorite parts of the '90s, or whichever decade, really, made up the bulk of your childhood? Sound off in the comments below!

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