Thursday, April 5, 2012

'Six Seasons and a Movie'? AND An Art Show!...

Mark Batalla and the PixelDrip Art Gallery here in Los Angeles are doing something incredible. Inspired by the incredible outpouring of support for (and trending hashtag) "Six Seasons and a Movie," he has gathered fans from around the world and will be displaying their original fan art at a very special art show this summer. But just like certain shows need a little campaigning to inch up in the ratings week to week, so do some passion projects need a little assist in getting off the ground. So Batalla and PixelDrip have taken it to Kickstarter, and they are spreading the love a little bit further with absolutely amazing and one-of-a-kind rewards.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a website designed to given independent professionals, projects, and charities a chance to raise that little extra money they need to get their item or event off the ground. I personally have donated to everything from web series to new novels in the past, and in full disclosure, I did donate to this campaign, as well. The poster has thirty days, a full calendar month, to raise the "goal" they stated when they created the campaign. If the goal is not met, then none of the money actually gets donated, and your credit card does not get charged. However, if the goal is met early, you can continue to donate more and more to make an even bigger and better event. PixelDrip is trying to raise a mere $3500 for this event which is "not just a weekend" art show. They plan to film the exhibits and artwork and make a DVD so fans all around the world, not just the ones who make it out to L.A., can be involved. As aforementioned, Kickstarter asks that you provide "rewards" for each donation tier. Often, rewards are as simple as a "Thank you" in an email or the credits of a film or web series. But PixelDrip wanted to get as creative as their artists and the fans that are making this show possible. So they are offering everything from "Six Seasons and a Movie" cootie catchers (true story: I used to call those fortune tellers and had to Google what they meant) to copies of said DVD to characters prints and purple pens. If you donate at the highest tier, you can also get one of nine character plushies!

Batalla says the "Six Seasons and a Movie" art show will exhibit a mix of framed and canvas artwork, prints, sneakers, shirts, origami, dioramas, custom vinyl toys, tabletop role playing game miniatures, video game demos, and plushies. In addition, there will be multimedia presentations of music videos and film shorts via projector and monitors. Right now the art show is set for June 2012 in Los Angeles, and if you're planning on going, you better say hello to me there! I plan to wear a (not classy but definitely themed) Greendale sweatshirt splattered with paintballs that I made myself. See? I can get into the art spirit, even without real talent, too!

As of press time, only a day into the campaign, PixelDrip had just hit their half-way mark to their goal, so please check out their page and consider donating today.

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