Friday, April 13, 2012

Swag 5000 Giveaway Time!...

Call it spring cleaning, but really I just think I'm becoming so afraid of Hoarders that I'm doing the opposite: obsessively giving away anything and everything that I don't have use for, or emotional attachment to. But one woman's random is another's treasure, right? Especially when it comes to all of the random television swag I am given at events and from studios and networks to promote their new projects. So as a thank you for all of you helping me get to 5000 followers on Twitter (assuming I will eventually get there without having to borrow, buy, or beg too much), I am opening up my swag suitcase, which at this point is really more like a swag suitcase with a side of dozens of tote bags, to YOU.

Here's the gist of the giveaway: You really don't *have* to do anything but be following me on Twitter to be entered to win. When I hit 5000 followers (assuming that the new ones are real followers and not spambots one of you set up just because you really, really want that CW planner), I will start Tweeting prompts to win specific items. There is no obligation to force your friends to follow me and have them tell me you recruited them. I'm not simply looking for quantity, but quality TV fans who will stick around long after the swag incentive is gone and all that remains is TV interviews and Twitpics of my dog.

Once I hit 5000 and start Tweeting these prompts, all you have to do to enter to win any of the items is be the FIRST to @reply me with why you like the particular show I am giving away swag from. For example, one item up for grabs is a Hart of Dixie tote bag with a poster of Rachel Bilson inside. When I Tweet (something like "Hey #HartofDixie fans, who wants some swag!?"), if you're the first to respond with "I love #HartofDixie because Wade is always shirtless," you'll win, no questions asked.*

So, want to get a taste of some of the items up for grabs in what I am calling #Swag5000Giveaway? Here is just a PARTIAL list.

  • "Put Your Cheeks in a Beek" poster (mock advertisement featuring James Van Der Beek for Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23)
  • Magic City gift pack (includes a pair of unisex Ray Bans (never worn, just tried on once), Miramar Plaza ashtray, postcard featuring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Miramar Plaza room key USB drive full of promotion photos of the cast)
  • Spartacus Vengeance Sigg water bottle
  • Life Unexpected "Keep Portland Weird" crew beverage tumbler
  • Autographed copy of "Raylan" (Justified novel) by Elmore Leonard
  • Mad Men season five promotional book full of glossy cast photos and production information
  • Switched at Birth summer pack (a tote bag and ABC Family stamped beach hat)
  • The Lying Game word magnets
  • Rules of Engagement mini-basketball hoop
  • Comic Book Men promotional comic book
  • Vice President Selina Meyer commemorative plate (For Veep. And yes, it's exactly what you think it is: a plate (not suitable to eat off of) with Julia Louis-Dreyfus' face on it)
  • Warner Brothers' Television Out of the Box mug and tee-shirt (separate entries)
  • House of Lies mug
  • Dexter heat sensitive mug
  • Shameless shot glass
  • Flat Purrfect the Cat with a pair of Cee Lo Green inspired sunglasses (from The Voice)
  • Community stickers
  • Pretty Little Liars friendship bracelet
  • Hell on Wheels railroad spike paperweight
  • Jane By Design compact mirror
  • Fringe digital recorder with pretaped message from Broyles already on it (batteries not included)
  • Hart of Dixie tote bag and poster
  • A CW day planner featuring photos of stars from Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, The Secret Circle, Ringer, Nikita, and more!
  • Random TV on DVD

Stay tuned for more items/details!

* Fragile or otherwise heavy or oddly shaped items require the winner to pay a percentage of postage personally. Further restrictions apply outside of the continental United States. You can email me privately with any questions, and we will work out the details.

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bnchile said...

ok my geek "happy meter" just went off. Have been wanting to Read both the Raylan book and the Comic Book Men comic. You always seem to have the coolest clutter.