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Tonight's TV Talk: 'Suburgatory', 'Modern Family', 'Apartment 23', and 'Revenge'...

TV Talk for Wednesday, April 18th 2012

Suburgatory (ABC, 8:30pm) - S1, Ep19: "Entering Eden" - Okay, I can't deny that I was looking for every possible Clueless reference from the minute George (Jeremy Sisto) first set eyes on Eden (Alicia Silverstone), and that meant I even stopped to ponder if the song that was playing during their jaunt in the farmer's market was old enough to have been on that soundtrack (I don't know much about music)-- or was by the Cranberries. I accepted his simple "I'm clueless" line, and I actually exclaimed "HA! YAY!" at "Does it suck or does it blow?" though I may be starting a wishlist for the rest of her episodes. I have to say that as excited as I am for future episodes, there is something of an ick factor knowing that she's carrying the Werners' baby in there whilst dating George. It might explain the weird eating habits. You get strange cravings when you're preggos. Or so they say. But as excited and nostalgic as I was for Silverstone's appearance, I think the real star of this episode was little Lampchop, who plays Yakult. Such a cute face, but tonight she proved she's really good on cue, as well. I could not believe Dalia (Carly Chaikin), after her seeming breakthrough in therapy last week, swept the dog out on the street on purpose. She's a terrible person! I used to think she was just a vapid, entitled teenager, but she took it too far! If you do bad things to animals, it's because you're a bad person. I don't care that she realized the error of her ways midway through-- even then it wasn't for the right reasons. I'm going to have to side with Mr. Wolf (Rex Lee)-- not in the "finder's keepers" way but simply because he could give that dog a loving, stable home. You guys, I may be a bit too invested in a fictional dog's well-being. But it's a puppy! And all puppies deserve good homes! And expensive, lavish homes do not imply good ones! And hold the phone, they have FORENSIC SCIENCE in this high school? I want to go (back) to there.

Modern Family (ABC, 9pm) - S3, Ep20: "The Last Walt" - Other than Claire (Julie Bowen), I find myself only interested in the kids' storylines these days. I don't really know why. But there was just something so perfectly poetic about Haley (Sarah Hyland) thinking she had pulled something over her parents by convincing them that it was okay to have a party at an empty house because she had already secured her uncle as a chaperone. But when the uncle is Manny (Rico Rodriguez), the joke's really on her. No way would he let her have any normal teenage fun! Was she really dumb enough to let him in on the gag and tell him he was in charge? Apparently, yes, so I'm starting to wonder about that one wait-list for college... But really, it was the ridiculously easy-going, simple, laid back Luke (Nolan Gould) paired with Claire that really made this episode for me. She's high-strung as it is, but to watch her get so hell-bent on making her son have the "right" emotional experience, even if it was one that would hurt him just hit so close to home. My mother always worried about the way I dealt with things and how little I would talk to her about how I was feeling or about things I might have questions. I didn't find it nearly as funny when I was a kid, but now, there's distance to appreciate the insanity in it all. And you know, it helps that it was taking place with a woman who has her own inappropriate affects to things. Sadly, I just did not care at all about Cam's father coming to town or the typical male bravado that came with it. Especially because he was the same as Jay (Ed O'Neill), and they were basically mad at each other for the things they refused to admit about themselves.

Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23
(ABC, 9:30pm) - S1, Ep2: "Daddy's Girl" - If this episode didn't have James Van Der Beek doing the best Dawson since...well, his actual time as Dawson, and also making fun of James Franco and channeling Joey Tribbiani, I wouldn't have wanted to keep watching this show. I just thought Chloe (Krysten Ritter) was far too severe for only the second episode, and as sharp as the dialogue is and as funny as some of the lines are on their own, she's just not somebody I want to see more of. Setting June (Dreama Walker) up with her father is one thing-- not a good thing, but we already know she's twisted. But from the pilot, we also know she usually has good intentions, even if sometimes they are a bit misguided. Tonight, not so much. I actually found myself dreading when she was back on screen because another shoe in the story would drop, distracting me from the Lionel Richie cues, the irony in June having seen all the Dawson's Creeks, the bike shorts jokes, etc etc etc. Though I will say the realization of why Chloe's mom never took her ice-skating was pretty classic. Really smart writing overall. But I suppose she's an acquired taste, and just as June has to build up a tolerance to her, so do I.

Revenge (ABC, 10pm) - S1, Ep17: "Doubt" - Oh my God, FINALLY! I saw the first two acts of this episode literally months ago at their PaleyFest panel, and so much time has passed since that that I felt like it had already aired and we were going to move on. So as happy as I was to have the show back in general, I felt a liiittle cheated out of a full episode tonight since everything up to Daniel's (Josh Bowman) savage but very necessary beat-down in the showers was a repeat for me. And seriously, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), you didn't have to bother pretending you didn't know who did this to your son, especially when your buzzing phone immediately betrayed your exclamation. It's a little weird how when a show is gone for so long, I nitpick it more than it returns, rather than just focus on how happy I am that it's finally back. But I feel like I've been waiting so long to finally see all of the things I already knew to be coming down the pike that I couldn't help but feel a sense of "Yes, and??" when they finally did. Maybe that just comes with the territory when you work in this business-- maybe it just comes with the territory when certain characters need to catch up to what the audience already knows-- but this is really the first time I've been let down by the hype. Also, I was struck by just how many times Jack (Nick Wechsler) threatens to leave, only to never get very far. They need to stop doing that or people are going to just want to see him go simply so he can keep his word! I was way more excited by Emily (Emily VanCamp) sending messages as Amanda, for example, than any revelation about Victoria's other past indiscretions. I like when the show folds in on itself and gets back to its basics of this young woman and her seemingly simple plan to avenge her father. And I couldn't help but wonder if and how these simple IMs-- and her subsequent "This is for Jack" and barely any disguise (she's all over the news with a high profile, and recently imprisoned, fiance!)-- could get her into trouble down the line. Also, Charlotte's (Christa B. Allen) just being selfish; she should give her brothers the painkillers; he clearly needs them more than she does! Then again, you can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves, and if he's so willing to confess to the murder to keep Emily's name out of it, what other screws does he have lose, kicked that way from the beating or by infatuation?

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Nosgoth1979 said...

I was so worried I was going to miss Revenge’s return and wouldn’t be able to get caught up until after someone around me let a spoiler slip. Literally just as the show began we had a bit of an emergency at my house! It turned out to be really minor, fortunately, but as I’m sure you know, any trip to the emergency room takes hours. Luckily for me, a coworker at Dish talked me into getting the Hopper about a week ago. It’s a whole-home DVR and it has this feature called PrimeTime Anytime that records FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC automatically every evening. As long as you have it enabled anyway, which fortunately I did. And because of that feature I was able to relax, wind down, and watch Revenge before going to bed. Now I just hope the only drama I have during next week's episode, is in the show itself.