Tuesday, April 3, 2012

'The Voice' Live Performance Week 1 Interviews!...

"The Voice's Moses Stone breaks boundaries as an MC in a singing contest"

Moses Stone is in the most unique position not just as a contestant on The Voice but as a rapper in the singing competition television game in general. In any other genre of music, covers of already existing, and more often than not, popular, songs are celebrated, let alone expected. They're the spec scripts of that industry; you need to showcase your own talent by taking something everyone already knows and doing it extremely well. But in the hip hop community sampling is accepted while copying someone else's style, let alone full-on song, is almost a chastisable moment. Yet, that is exactly what Stone has to do on The Voice in order to show off his full range of MC skills... [MORE]

"VIDEO: Team Blake & Team Christina battle The Voice Live Performances Week 1"

On a warm evening just easing into April, The Voice opened its live performance rounds for the first time in Los Angeles, and LA TV Insider Examiner was on-hand to watch the big spectacle songs and chat with the contestants post-show... [MORE]

"Christina Milian weighs in on unofficial The Voice coaching & Twitter voting!?"

As a musical artist herself, Christina Milian both confused and excited her fans when she joined The Voice for season two. After all, she isn't sitting in the big red chairs, picking teams and cultivating fresh, new talent. Instead, she has come aboard as Social Media Correspondent, spending the live shows in the Sprint Lounge, keeping track of which songs and contestants trend on Twitter and conducting brief interviews after the performers take the stage. It's a much different experience for her, so we couldn't help but wonder: does she ever find herself giving them unofficial advice anyway? ... [MORE]

"The Voice says good-bye to [SPOILERS] on Team Blake and Team Christina"

Though the first live show of The Voice’s second season was one of celebration, excitement, and concert-level stage theatrics, the second live show was a bit more somber. After performing their hearts out and just hoping America was moved enough to vote for them, team members of Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera stepped onto Stage 16 at Warner Brothers in Burbank CA to learn if they would perform for their public once again... [MORE]

"The Voice's Christina Aguilera breaks down how she decided who to "save"

On-screen, The Voice spends a lot of time focusing on coach Christina Aguilera needling fellow coach Adam Levine, but off-screen she seems to be much more serious. The coach with the diva voice has proven she's so much more by picking the most diverse team for this second season, including the first-ever MC on the show. Clearly she likes to challenge herself, but when LA TV Insider Examiner caught up with her after the first "Live Elimination" round of The Voice in Los Angeles, Aguilera admitted that choosing such a wide range of team members-- and then deciding which one to "save" tonight-- didn't actually have anything to do with the trends in the music industry or the desire to "win"... [MORE]

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