Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'The Voice' Live Performance Week 3 Interviews!...

"The Voice’s Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton cut [SPOILERS] from their teams"

The Voice is really playing the reality television ratings game now! The show that was once all about evolving the vocal talent of its artists has gotten into more gimmicks and greater stage shows as episodes have unfolded this second season. And the latest stunt? Instant eliminations! ... [MORE]

"Jesse Campbell is out to "Inspire The World" as the male Christina or Beyonce"

Jesse Campbell shocked the world. First when he auditioned for The Voice with his powerful vocals and even more powerful story of struggle and love, light, and positivity, and then sadly again tonight when he was eliminated from the competition by his own coach Christina Aguilera... [MORE]

"Jordis Unga: The Voice "set me up to make the record I've had in my heart"

"This is a TV show. That's what happens; things come up; people go home. There are surprise eliminations on Monday; two people go home on Tuesday; both sucks [but] it's happening anyway," The Voice artist Jordis Unga told LA TV Insider Examiner after her surprise elimination in Los Angeles earlier tonight... [MORE]

"The Voice’s Team Christina and Team Blake lose two more members in L.A."

After a two-hour television event that included explosive performances from Team Christina and Team Blake (and at times, all together) on The Voice last night, the coaches ultimately had to send home one member of each of their teams. It was a jam-packed hour, then, with each contestant singing his or her heart out for America, only for America to not get to save them one last time. With so much going on last night, tonight’s hour-long elimination episode seemed to be much more celebratory than nail biting... [MORE]

"Blake Shelton: "The rest of [The Voice] coaches are pretty much screwed"

"I still don't know if I did the right thing or not," The Voice coach Blake Shelton said when LA TV Insider Examiner caught up with him after tonight's live elimination round in Los Angeles... [MORE]

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