Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ABC Announces 2012-2013 Fall Primetime Schedule...

ABC was the third network to officially announce their 2012-2013 fall primetime schedule this morning, and the most interesting about it (at least to me) is the seeming return of TGIF. I may no longer be in the demographic that most appreciates that kind of programming, but then again, these new shows in that time slot seem to be aimed at those of us who would feel nostalgia for the original, not the youth audience of today, anyway. Take a look (and please note I've been angling for the Happy Endings/B--- In Apartment 23 pairing since last upfronts!):

Sunday nights:

Monday nights:
  • 8pm - Dancing with the Stars
  • 10pm - Castle

Tuesday nights:
  • 8pm - Dancing with the Stars (results)
  • 9pm - Happy Endings
  • 9:30pm - Don't Trust the B---- In Apartment 23
  • 10pm - Private Practice

Wednesday nights:

Thursday nights:
  • 8pm - Last Resort
  • 9pm - Grey's Anatomy
  • 10pm - Scandal

Friday nights:
  • 8pm - Shark Tank
  • 9pm - Primetime: What Would You Do?
  • 10pm - 20/20

*Please note that once again there are already scheduled changes for November 2012, let alone mid-season. In November, expect to see the aforementioned new TGIF on Fridays at 8pm with Last Man Standing and Malibu Country at 8:30pm.

Then, in January 2013, The Bachelor is expected to reclaim its Mondays at 8pm time slot, and Tuesdays at 8pm will see a new comedy block of How To Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life and Family Tools.

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