Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CBS Announces 2012-2013 Fall Primetime Schedule...

CBS may not quite be our demographic of programming, but they are nothing if not consistent, and that is something to still be admired in this day and age of other networks seemingly throwing shows at a wall just to see which will stick. Today CBS announced their Fall 2012 primetime programming schedule, and while we kind of saw this coming, it’s still exciting to have confirmation, right?

Sunday nights:
  • 8pm - The Amazing Race
  • 9pm - The Good Wife
  • 10pm - The Mentalist

Monday nights:
  • 8pm - How I Met Your Mother
  • 8:30pm - Partners
  • 9pm - 2 Broke Girls
  • 9:30pm - Mike & Molly
  • 10pm - Hawaii Five-0

Tuesday nights:
  • 8pm - NCIS
  • 9pm - NCIS: Los Angeles
  • 10pm - Vegas

Wednesday nights:
  • 8pm - Survivor
  • 9pm - Criminal Minds
  • 10pm - CSI

Thursday nights:
  • 8pm - The Big Bang Theory
  • 8:30pm - Two and a Half Men
  • 9pm - Person of Interest
  • 10pm - Elementary

Friday nights:

*Please note, changes are expected for mid-season 2013, with new series pick ups Friend Me (comedy) and Golden Boy (drama) debuting then.

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connan said...

"Hawaii Five-O" is my Monday night show, and I have never watched the show before I got Dish's new Hopper. I did not even know this show existed until my Hoppers "PrimeTime Anytime" feature automatically recorded it for me. This feature records all my prime time shows that come on CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC everyday in HD! A Dish co-worker told me about the Hoppers "Auto Hop" feature that gives me the option to skip right through their commercials when I watch my PrimeTime recordings. I love that I have my prime time shows already available to me everyday, and I shave ten minutes off each show with “Auto Hop”.