Friday, May 11, 2012

Early Upfronts Notes: The CW Renews 3, Picks Up 5, Plus NBC Still Chugging Along...

Mike Schur wrote and shot two different endings to this fourth season of Parks and Recreation. In one, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) won the election, and in the other, she lost. When we caught up with him at the PaleyFest evening for the show earlier this spring, he explained it was for more than to just keep the ending from getting spoiled pre-air; he also did it to plan for the show’s future-- or lack thereof. When Parks and Recreation was shooting its season finale, they had no official word on the state of a fifth season, but today we have it, and it’s good! ... [MORE]

"NBC renews Up All Night, The Office, and Whitney"

NBC has renewed Up All Night, its star-studded comedy, for a second season. You know what they say about the terrible twos? We don't expect this series to experience that at all! ... [MORE]

"NBC teams with Dane Cook for Next Caller"


Dane Cook is coming back to TV, courtesy of NBC. Are you excited? ... [MORE

"The CW keeps Matt Davis, picks up Cult"

Well, it seems like Alaric on The Vampire Diaries may not bounce back as easily as Elena come television 2012-2013 because his portrayer, Matt Davis, shot the Cult pilot for The CW, and today the network decided they want to give that new show a shot... [MORE]

Two separate networks had versions of the classic Beauty and the Beast story in contention for the 2012-2013 pilot season. One, at ABC was based more on the fairy-tale, while the other, for The CW, was based on the previous incarnation of a television series. And today the latter has been ordered to series... [MORE]

Carrie Bradshaw is getting a second life on television, and this time we will be following her younger years' journey. In the 1980s, years before Carrie earned $4.95 a word at Vogue (!), she was just a teenager with questions about love, sex, friendship, family, and New York City floating around her mind. Hmm, okay, so maybe she wasn't all that different as a kid. But that's exactly what we'll soon discover because The CW has ordered The Carrie Diaries to series... [MORE]

If you have a Smallville-shaped hole in your hearts, The CW might just have the answer for you! Though they took this past year off from the world of superheroes, it was not to abandon the genre but simply to do even better when they finally presented a new dramatic project in that vein. And today they have announced that project: the new series Arrow, based on the DC Comics... [MORE]

If The CW is trying to age up its demographic, adding a medical melodrama might just be the perfect way to do that. First Cut, the one such project the network has picked up to series today, focuses on a new doctor, happy to finally embark on "adult" life in the professional world of her hospital, only to realize that life there can be just as cliquey as in high school... [MORE]

Though just a few days ago Maggie Q was saying she felt very "zen" about the possibility of season three for Nikita not happening, today she (and all of its fans) has good news: The CW has renewed the spy thriller! ... [MORE]

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