Monday, May 14, 2012

FOX's Fall 2012-2013 Schedule...

Why can't we be friends, FOX? 

The network has one of my favorite pilots (if not *the* favorite) of the season, and it's holding it until mid-season. Yes, these days holding a show until mid-season often means they want to give the production ample time to make the show as strong as possible and develop a following (no pun intended here) because it won't get lost in the fall sea, but still. Two years in a row and my favorite shows won't be on my screen week after week until mid-season. It's like seeing all of your presents wrapped and sitting under your Christmas tree but with giant notes that say "Do Not Open Until..." on them! 

...I am not a patient person.

Sunday nights:
  • 7pm -  NFL Game
  • 7pm - The OT
  • 8pm - The Simpsons
  • 8:30pm - Bob's Burgers
  • 9pm - Family Guy
  • 9:30pm - American Dad      

Monday nights:

Tuesday nights:

Wednesday nights:
  • 8pm - The X Factor

Thursday nights:
  • 8pm - The X Factor (results)
  • 9pm - glee

Friday nights:
  • 8pm - Touch
  • 9pm - Fringe

*As aforementioned, big changes are expected in mid-season, including The Following coming to Monday nights at 9pm, with The Goodwin Games on Tuesdays, and American Idol returning on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Once Fringe ends its thirteen-episode final run, Hell's Kitchen will slide into its time slot.

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