Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'The L.A. Complex' Relationship Talk; 'Smash' & 'Rookie Blue' Photo Previews...

We have never seen a character like Kaldrick King from The L.A. Complex on television before. Somehow this seems both a sad and very hopeful commentary on the state of creativity and artistry in storytelling in this small screen medium. On the one hand, it’s just great to see new and refreshing characters pop up on shows that have familiar themes, but on the other, we have to wonder just what took so long to tell such a fascinating tale!? It isn’t merely the fact that Kal is gay in an industry that would probably disown him if he knew (though that is one layer to him that adds to his intrigue). What makes Kal so damn interesting is how he can be at the top of his game professionally but personally so completely lost... [MORE]

When young Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) was first introduced in The L.A. Complex, it seemed like this town of Los Angeles might eat the innocent Canadian boy alive. After he sent his beat off to Drake-- with another man’s name stamped on the track-- he may have managed to keep his internship, but he certainly didn’t have anyone acknowledging, let alone congratulating him on, his talent. But then Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller) entered the picture and things really heated up for Tariq-- both professionally and personally. We caught up with Watson just before he began filming the next batch of The L.A. Complex episodes to have him weigh in on Tariq’s relationship and ability to make it in the music industry... [MORE]

"FIRST LOOK PHOTOS: Smash's "Previews" heat up with the return of Michael Swift" 

With "Bombshell" up in Boston and about to start "Previews," things on the first season of Smash are heating up and winding down simultaneously. Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) is still "in" as Marilyn Monroe; Michael Swift (Will Chase) is back in as Joe DiMaggio; new friendships are tested and strengthened at the same time; and everyone is condescendingly kissing their current bed partners on the head... [MORE]

"FIRST LOOK PHOTOS: Andy's back and William Shatner guests on Rookie Blue"

Though Andy (Missy Peregrym) isn't officially off her suspension when Rookie Blue returns with its third season premiere, that doesn't stop her from jumping into the action when she just happens upon a case. And when she's the only one on the scene of a car accident who saw for sure the young girl who had been trapped in the back of a van that caught on fire after the collision, she becomes an integral part of an investigation of which normally she should have no part... [MORE]

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