Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Rules of Engagement' Finale Sneak Peek; Josh Henderson Teases 'Dallas'...

After six years, we have seen the Rules of Engagement gang make their fair share of mistakes in relationships with each other, but the blunder that befalls Jen (Bianca Kajlich) in the sixth season finale just may take the (not quite just metaphorical) cake... [MORE

"Dallas' Josh Henderson teases trying to out-con J.R. Ewing"

Josh Henderson has a big Stetson to fill! Stepping into TNT’s new version of the fan favorite, and acclaimed, primetime soap Dallas as John Ross, J.R.’s son, Henderson is being set up to be the new character we love to hate. He has to be charming; he has to be cunning; he has to both recall the sweet towheaded tyke we last knew him as and inspire the new wave of ruthless businessman. Yes, indeed, it’s a tall order! ... [MORE]

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