Friday, May 4, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' Photos; 'Southland Renewed; Bill Prady Teases 'The Big Bang Theory' Season Finale; 'Modern Family' Does Disneyland...

Though the 21st episode of Supernatural season seven is the one entitled "Reading is Fundamental," it appears Dean (Jensen Ackles) is taking the title to heart in the following episode, "There Will Be Blood." Is he just boning up on how to take down the Leviathans, or is there a body-snatcher thing happening... [MORE]

"TNT renews Southland; The cast weighs in with dream S5 stories"

When LA TV Insider Examiner caught up with Shawn Hatosy and a couple of the other Southland guys at the Warner Brothers TV Out of the Box exhibit at the Paley Center in Los Angeles, he admitted he wasn’t feeling too confident about a fifth season renewal for their acclaimed (and gritty!) TNT drama. But this was only because he doesn’t like to get too excited about anything until he’s there on set, shooting it. Having been in this business for as many years as Hatosy has, he knows just how quickly things can change-- and how to take critics’ opinions with a grain of salt... [MORE] 

"Bill Prady teases The Big Bang Theory S5 finale"

When we caught up with The Big Bang Theory executive producer Bill Prady a week ago, he only wanted to tell us that in this season’s season finale “events will occur. Some events that were planned to occur will not occur, but some events that were not planned will occur, and some events that were planned will occur but other than the fashion in which they were planned.” It was a party line, so to speak, and we get it: Prady doesn’t like spoilers! But thankfully we can be a bit more forthcoming now, since we’ve pre-screened the episode at a special event in Los Angeles... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: A Modern Family Disneyland stay-cation!"

We're not going to lie: when we caught up with the Modern Family cast at their PaleyFest event earlier this spring, we were super excited to hear all about their special "Disneyland" episode. Being a Disney nerd aside, you can't have a show about a family living in Southern California without them making a trip down there! It's just what we do... [MORE]

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