Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From LA Examiner: Video with 'The L.A. Complex's' Joe Dinicol; Danny Masterson Teases His New Sitcom; Missy Peregrym on The "Inevitable" in 'Rookie Blue'...

Arguably, Nick (Joe Dinicol) on The L.A. Complex is the one character who has yet to truly prove his talent in the artistic area he is pursuing. He may get on stage and perform stand-up comedy bits a couple of nights a week, but he has yet to do so successfully, save for one fluke performance where he just started venting about an “awkward sexual encounter.” Sitting down with Dinicol while he and the show were on location in Los Angeles earlier this month, the passionate actor shared that Nick’s failings may be proof he wasn’t born to be a comic, the way some of these other characters seem to be born to be in the line of work they are pursuing... [MORE]

"If Men At Work was a boy band, Danny Masterson would be “the sensitive one”

“Milo is captain sensitive, and he gets his heart broken in the opening scene…He’s a character that’s a couple of my best friends-- two of them are this guy-- and I make fun of them everyday,” Danny Masterson smiled regarding his new TBS sitcom, Men At Work, role... [MORE

Last we saw Andy (Missy Peregrym) on Rookie Blue, she and Sam (Ben Bass) were getting suspended for allowing their personal feelings for each other to get in the way of the job. In the time away, Sam has worked his way back onto the force, while Andy has fled-- keeping herself as physically far from Sam as possible because she just didn’t know how to be around him and not be with him. The season three premiere throws the two back together, and in quite close quarters, though, as Andy is still fighting for her job. Naturally, this causes all kinds of new problems and tensions, but Peregrym promised the show is not going to drag out the inevitable... [MORE

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