Thursday, May 17, 2012

From My Web Work: Emily Kapnek on 'Suburgatory' S2; 'Rookie Blue' Advance Review; Maggie Q Teases 'Nikita's' Finale...

"Emily Kapnek plans for Suburgatory season two and meeting Tessa’s mom"

Did you catch any of the commercials for the Suburgatory season finale and think we were going to get an eleventh hour reveal of who Tessa’s (Jane Levy) mom was? It’s okay, the ABC promo department got us, too! We found ourselves rewinding the soundbyte of Tessa’s name being called across a lawn quite a few times, trying to place the voice. But while Suburgatory series creator Emily Kapnek certainly wanted to leave her audience on the edge of their seats excited for season two, she didn’t want to shove such an emotional reveal in at the last second like that... [MORE]

"Maggie Q Teases Nikita's Second Season Finale"

All the titular Nikita wants is to take down Division and be able to live out her life with Michael, knowing her loved ones (Alex, Birkhoff, Ryan, and yes, even Sean) are safe. But as The CW drama ramps up to its second season premiere, series star Maggie Q told Snakkle things are only going to get more intense before she can even come close to getting her wish... [MORE]

"Rookie Blue returns with more personal complications, new determination in S3"

All she wanted was to be a cop, and all he wanted was her. Sounds like the perfect tagline for this new season of Rookie Blue on ABC, doesn’t it? ... [MORE

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