Friday, May 18, 2012

Live-Blogging 'Supernatural's' 7th Season Finale "Survival of the Fittest"...

- That was some nice recapping, Crowley (Mark Sheppard). You know, just in case we haven't been playing along.

- Look, if someone like Sheila Shay (Suburgatory) has a blood freezer, a demon like Crowley must have more than a vile tucked away somewhere.

- Shit, I'll take Canada. Am I bottom-feeding enough for a Leviathan? They don't think much of Americans at all.

- "I don't kiss on the mouth." Classic. Though I don't see why not. He's just renting that body anyway.

- Oh, if this plan really was said as a joke, I don't think I'm going to like how it plays out. I get that the boys are helpless, hopeless, out of options, but come on. They can put their brains together and come up with something better than a wing and a prayer on a joke.

- Well, that's a dull demon deal. Glad the previous ones weren't all done this way!

- Oh, Dean (Jensen Ackles), you're cute, but when is it ever good news?

- Great (#sarcasticTweet) Meg (Rachel Miner). That's not good news. I would have rather Crowley showed up. Even unsummoned and unwanted.

- If Dean wasn't kind of annoyed at Castiel (Misha Collins) already, that music'll do it!

- Man, I really thought Castiel was going somewhere completely different with that monkey anecdote. Leaving skins on the bananas they eat sounded like a commentary on the Leviathans and the way they choose to inhabit some forms and just devour others. I hope the episode comes back to this.

- Someone get Castiel some real clothes! He's talking crazy as it is, and walking around dressed like a mental patient is bound to get him in some trouble.

- If demons can snap and make people disappear the way angels can, I can't imagine why Crowley wouldn't have gotten rid of Castiel by now. His new brand of humor is cute, but it's time-consuming. And there has been a LOT of talking so far for a season finale...


- Who walks around carrying a stake!? It's not even the right weapon. Bobby (Jim Beaver) is the one who is actually off his rocker. It's such a shame. As I stated last week, I absolutely abhor the idea of this character turning into something that represents the opposite of what he has stood for during his whole life on the show.

- Did they bring that girl for Kevin (Osric Chau) as some sort of...offering? Because I like to imagine he's a smarter kid than that.

- Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean stay in some sketchy motels. I can't help but wonder what would happen if they took a room in one that had hidden cameras-- you know, to feed the manager's side gig of weird fetish porn or whatever-- and they were caught in acts like these blood rituals. These are the things I think about when I get bored, and yes, so far, this episode is unfortunately underwhelming me.

- Castiel's "eat organic" or whatever may have to be the take-away with Dick Roman's (James Patrick Stuart) crazy corn syrup plans.

- Wow, the one time being a vegan is actually a good thing. Because you know that burger is laced like Biggerson's!

- Good line, Dick: "The last time we were all in the same room, it was inside that angel."

- Ooh, if you're going to Ohio, can you start with New Directions, please? They're in Lima-- you can find them in the auditorium of William McKinley High School. Just follow the sound of Rachel Berry's too-high notes.

- Aw, Charlie. I miss Charlie.

- Is killing your food before you eat it evolution for these guys?

- It's funny. In so many seasons past, Sam has been the one who has screwed up, causing Dean to have to detour in the big mission to make sure he was okay. But now to see it's Bobby doing it-- and it's Sam who's stepping in to take care of it shows how far the boys have come.

- And here's my question: Dean obviously doesn't know which Dick, in looking at the feed he has in front of him, is the "real" Dick, so I understand why he will have to take down as many of them as possible. But it should be pretty easy to sort out which one was the top of the food chain, so to speak, right? After all, Dick is the most powerful, but his clones are just regular Leviathans.

- That lady could never hurt Sasquatch! Disbelief not suspended.

- YES! OH MY GOD, YES! Get a new species, but not a cat. Madison Chandler is so ready to work, and he loves Jensen already. His mama trained him well.

- No, Meg; it did not occur to me that Castiel can sense the Leviathans' innards or whatever, just the way he could see your real demon face.

- Bobby's right; they should have burned the flask. But they keep other things around from dead people-- their father's journal comes to mind most poignantly-- and that hasn't been a problem, so I understand why they underestimated (or at least wanted to turn a blind, sympathetic eye) to this. The minute they saw how bad Bobby was getting, though, they should have done it. Because this good-bye, if in fact it was the final good-bye, was just unfortunate. It didn't have any of the poignancy of his first death this season, even if a greater lesson was supposed to have been learned. Because the thing of it was, the lesson was not new-- it was something they should have already known a million times over-- and whether or not they (all three of them) wanted to play dumb or ignorant or just hopeful, it never should have had to come to this. And I'm pissed it came to this.

- Hmm, just looked at the clock, and with this pacing, I am gearing up for one hell of a cliffhanger. But honestly, just like with the first season of The Killing, the pacing of the whole season couldn't lead up to a completely wrapped up ending, getting Dick, saving the world, yada yada yada. It wouldn't have felt right; it wouldn't have been earned; and it would have dug a giant hole for next season's villain.

- You know, for someone who has missed his "baby," Dean sure is being reckless with it! I mean, that has to at least leave a scratch in the paint job! And letting Meg drive it? MEG? That was the most disappointing thing ever.

- Hacking someone's head off is so vampires-- and last season at that. If Dean and Castiel really wanted to take down Dick and his team, they need to poison him the way he planned to do with his coffee creamer or whatever? We just saw him drink something! All they had to do was pour Borax in the cups! I mean, seriously, isn't Kevin supposed to be a genius? He couldn't have come up with that?

- Wait, how the hell did Dick take Dean with him when he exploded in the lab? And seriously? That was how Dick was taken down? That didn't feel super earned. There better be some kind of twist where he's just hiding and waiting. Or torturing Dean. I mean, I know that's how season three ended and all, but...when it works, it works, right?

- Haha they snuck a "moose" in. Cute.

- How would he know, Castiel?

- Seriously, why would Dean end up in Purgatory? He didn't die; how did he ride Dick's coattails, and why? And why does Purgatory look like the Mystic Falls woods?

Closing Remarks: Okay, so I'm going to keep this brief because I'm going to be talking about this finale a lot in the next few days, and I don't want to use up all my good stuff here when I'll be contributing to a piece on TVOvermind and guesting on the Winchester Brothers podcast. Shameless plug(s) alert(s)! Anyway, I love the cliffhanger and the way it set up so much craziness for Jeremy Carver to dive into for season eight. Separating the brothers once again was great, and I hope this time we actually see them apart and actively trying to find their way back to each other in the beginning of the new season, rather than what has been done every other time where they don't know one is out there or one really isn't out there, etc. But that being said, I feel like there's no way we won't see Dick Roman again. I imagine you need someone like him to help find a way out of Purgatory. And you certainly need someone like him to resurface just to prove he really was as "big" a "bad" as the season led you to believe. Because right now, the monster that was supposed to be scarier than Lucifer crumbled way too easily for my liking.

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