Friday, May 4, 2012

Live-Blogging 'Supernatural's' "Reading Is Fundamental"...

- I wonder if one of the certificates on the wall of this clearly gifted young man is a prize for the Presidential Fitness thing. I recently learned I won that in fifth grade, and I was as unathletic as this kid looks. Apparently it's an ironic award, though.

- Stained glass windows: are Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) squatting in a church!?

- "One day college isn't going to matter anymore." I like this girl. She's wise beyond her years. She does not belong on The CW.

- Really, Dean? You're just going to start chipping away blindly? Anything could be in there-- Leviathan eggs; crazy demon smoke; Crowley's leftover souls... I mean, come on, this is Supernatural

- Is that a beer, kid? Today's nerds really are the cool ones!

- At least Dean is acknowledging the creepy, potential danger. And then choosing to ignore it. There's the bad ass I know, love, and miss!

- Sorry, boy, but you have nothing on Chuck the Prophet! Call me when you can grow facial hair.

- Castiel (Misha Collins) awakening at this moment would make much more sense if he (too?) had been struck by lightning.

- Condos for Christians? Anyone?

- I wonder which part this kid's mom will be more upset about: the state of her house or the fact that he missed his test? For the record, the correct answer is C) none of above but rather if her son is okay. But the state of the house is a close second since he has already taken the test before and can (and probably will) do so again.

- It's so weird to go back and forth with the "they can see Bobby/they can't" thing. It's probably a good thing that there are only a few episodes left this season because that's going to get old fast. Bobby (Jim Beaver) wasn't always with the boys when he was alive; we understand if he doesn't want to be with them all the time when he's dead. He may have to physically be there, bound to the flask, but he doesn't have to show himself. I'd want some alone time, too!

- Bad day with the black rock, huh pregnant ladies?

- Aw, Dean doesn't deserve a Seacrest jab!

- I wish I knew the significance of this kid turning right (and west) on the JCT (?) 30 but apparently I'm not gifted in geography. I hope he is.

- Well, Castiel must be better than fine if he has the trenchcoat back on. Though...where did he get it?

- Are there all new orderlies or does this guy just not remember Sam was locked up in this place just a few months ago!? Good thing he's not security!

- Whoa, new Castiel has a wicked sense of humor. ...Or he may just be a little bit wicked. Me likey.

- No, not "of course," Castiel. After all you went through, you shouldn't remember anything. It is an interesting commentary on how an actual angel and a person on drugs mimics each other. Though, if Castiel can't see Meg's (Rachel Miner) true demon face, his "big picture" but still somewhat loopy behavior must be the drugs.

- Which Supernatural writer had to look up cat penis facts? Or is this just something Collins himself happened to know and adlib? If I were a betting woman, I think I would put money on the latter.

- If the "Word of God" wasn't meant for angels, why would it be made for demons, Meg? I mean, seriously...

- Meg is treating Sam like she's Ruby. "I deserve to know, Sam?" with the moon eyes. Blech. You don't deserve crap. Except maybe a slap upside the head. You don't have a special relationship with him. I mean, you did, once upon a time when you were in another body, but not that kind of connection.

- No, Sam, stupid is leaving the "Word of God" unattended in an open room in a mental hospital full of wackadoos and (I'm assuming still) demons.

- Oh, and one wily little prophet. Who runs like he probably did receive the Presidential Fitness Award. Unwarranted.

- I kind of hate how I know this kid is a prophet from the episode description the network sent out but that I'm twenty minutes into the episode and that isn't actually clear by what has played out on-screen. The glowing eyes and the takeover of his body actually scream more "angel abduction" than prophets as we know them from the days of Chuck.

- I loved the little look Dean just gave after saying Castiel broke God's word. It's like, even after all he has witnessed about heaven, hell, angels, and God, he still doesn't quite believe what he's saying.

- Misha Collins and the Sorry! board just made my whole week. That game was everything when I was growing up. And the childlike wonder on his face matched, even with the poignancy of the sentiment.

- See? The show is actually negating the prophet thing. Prophets are supposed to be able to foresee and to know more. This kid knows crap. But he's a healer-- even of inanimate objects.

- Castiel's riddles and double-speak are perfect. Dean just isn't listening right now. He's still too colored by his emotions. Whether or not he can believe Castiel is truly sorry-- whether or not Castiel is even truly sorry-- almost doesn't matter. It's what he does know and how he can help now that matters. Because regardless of what he says, if his actions help the boys against the Leviathans, the past won't be rewritten, and emotions won't be fixed, but he'll prove what side he's on now.

- I like this angel. She's sassy. And right. "A demon whore and a Winchester. Again." Way to rub it into Sam, though.

- Whew. Glad that sigil wasn't for Castiel. When I saw the promotional photos, I got a little worried. Dean's mad. And this Castiel is...not quite right anyway.

- Oh Sam, you don't have to say "advanced placement" like it's a disease. I'm sure you were advanced placement, too. Don't be bitter this kid will finish Ivy league. Well, actually, now he probably won't; PTSD or whatever.

- Um, they have wings. We just can't see them.

- Don't worry, kid; none of us want you to be the prophet, either. But Sam didn't want to be a hunter, and look how he's doing...well, actually, maybe that's not the best example. But I am surprised that Sam isn't taking this kid under his wing a bit more. Maybe he's just over the whole "seeing similarities in every kid they meet on the road," but this one seems like a better match than ever.

- Wow, Meg really likes her rag mags. I have always thought if demons really walked the earth, some of them would be running tabloids.

- The booping on the nose, the attraction to Meg, this Castiel is too weird. And that's saying a lot. He has to get back to normal soon or leave the boys alone for good. There's a thin line between comedic effect and jumping the shark.

- You'd also think, after all Dean went through raising Sam as a boy and then with Ben later, that he'd be a little more sensitive to this kid. Not "talk about your feelings" sensitive; he still has his walls up, and he's still annoyed that he has to deal with this at all. But something, even if just a less aggravated demeanor around him.

- But it does look like a sex-torture dungeon. I'm glad someone finally called attention to the shitty places in which Dean and Sam stay.

- Castiel being lost until he took on Sam's pain sounds a lot like absorbing others' sins in order to forgive your own. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Or about the fact that Castiel is comfortable with this new attitude. They say when you accept God into your heart, you are lighter because you know longer worry about meaning; you just trust that there's a bigger picture and a purpose and all that. When Castiel accepted God-- or became him-- though, all hell broke loose. So forgive me if I don't quite buy his newfound peace. He's coming across as a little brain-dead cult-y for my liking.

- Oh, there's Dean's heart-to-heart. Too bad he's talking to someone ill-equipped to handle it.

- I knew I hated Meg. I just had to be patient to be proven right for it.

- Oh damn. Maybe she's not as bad as I want her to be. I know the show needs to keep some people around to play with these boys, but I just wish it wasn't her.

- This moment of "Crowley's always the problem; he's just waiting for the right moment to strike" would be much more powerful if the network hadn't already revealed photos of Mark Sheppard returning next week. Timing is everything! Let the spoiler come out on-screen, you guys! And this is coming from someone who gets paid to report spoilers.

- I think we've established that free will is a dangerous toy that should not be played with here.

- Good luck explaining "chosen one" to this kid's parents. Then again, if his mother left him home alone by himself while she was on a business trip, she's not as overbearing as one-- or the stereotype-- might assume.

- That can't be Castiel's full purpose, right? Though suddenly that image of him, stoned in the circle of women from seasons ago makes a lot more sense.

- Hmm, it seems like Leviathans are just beating everything these days. Too bad Meg is so good at laying low.

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kelsie.ilesha said...

lol. Love this. :)

The one thing you missed though, is at the end, Kevin 'in advanced placement's Mom was more worried about her sons brain, than her son himself. lol
Stereotypical Asians.

"He could have brain injury!" :P