Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From LA Examiner: Elijah Wood Talks 'Wilfred'; Kathleen Rose Perkins Talks 'Episodes'; 'Men At Work' Renewed; WIN Taping Tickets for 'BrandX with Russell Brand'...

One of the things we have loved most about FX’ “talking dog” comedy Wilfred is its complicated blend of humor and mental instability. Some episodes are devoted seemingly entirely to Ryan (Elijah Wood) sitting around with his neighbor’s dog (Jason Gann) and getting stoned, but there always appears to be a therapeutic lesson within-- even if Ryan can’t see it as clearly through stoned eyes as maybe the audience can. Occasionally, though, an episode with a bit more heavy-handed introspection will break through, after the show has lulled you into an unorthodox but certainly still valid sense of security. It is these moments that Wood has admitted to responding the most to, and it is these moments that he promises are still to come in abundance now that Wilfred is back on FX with its second season... [MORE]

As Carol Vance, the pot-smoking-but-still-serious-about-TV number two at the network that gambled with British import-adaptation Pucks!, Kathleen Rose Perkins can be considered an unsung hero of Showtime’s Episodes. After all, she has the tough task of taking a Hollywood studio suit and not only making her understandable to those outside of the business, but she also has to make her fun enough that the audience likes her-- even when she’s delivering bad news or sleeping with a “pretty deplorable” guy (her words!). With the right amount of heart and humor, though, Perkins added warmth to the business side of the entertainment industry in Episodes’ primary season, and now she’s back to win you over even further with all-new episodes... [MORE]

"TBS renews Men At Work; The cast weighs in on season two"

TBS' new buddy sitcom from Breckin Meyer actually already wrapped production on its freshman season last week, but today the guys behind Men At Work have another reason to celebrate: the network has announced a second season renewal... [MORE]

When Russell Brand sat down with the media to promote his new FX late night show back in January of this year, we have to admit, we were a bit skeptical as to what exactly his show would be. Sure, we knew he was funny (and he did his best to remind of us that by riffing on some surprisingly serious hot topics of the day six months ago (Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, the misbehavior of American soldiers during war times), but usually TCA is a time reserved for networks to present their new shows. In this case, FX just presented Brand... [MORE

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