Monday, June 4, 2012

From LA Examiner: Erica Durance Talks 'Saving Hope'; Preview the 'Veep' Season Finale; 'Necessary Roughness' Advance Review...

"She’s a very driven, pragmatic person who only believes in what she can see and touch and the tangible," Erica Durance, new star and co-producer of NBC's slightly supernatural medical drama, Saving Hope, explained during a conference call with the press last week... [MORE]

"FIRST LOOK: Veep's season finale is a "political timebomb"

Veep is sadly ending its first term on HBO next week, with an episode where Selina's (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) team tries to play up her tears in the press...which of course backfires. But there's really no reason for fans of the series to shed any of their own because the show will be back for a second season, and until then, we have a sneak peek at the funny still to come! ... [MORE]

"Necessary Roughness' return proves it's more than just a guilty pleasure"

The first season of Necessary Roughness ended with a bang-- literally, as football superstar Terence King (Mehcad Brooks) was shot by an overzealous fan in a bar. So naturally the second season must begin with a montage as T.K. undergoes surgery to remove the bullets, and his colleagues kill time in the waiting room. T.K. may come out of said surgery pretty darn quickly, but he is nowhere close to being out of the woods physically-- or mentally... [MORE]

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