Wednesday, June 13, 2012

From LA Examiner: IBG Inc Signs Tracie Thoms & Elyse Levesque to "My Letter To Fear"; 'Baby Daddy' Advance Review; Haley Pullos, Not Just Your Average Teen Star...

Local Los Angeles area non-profit IBG, Inc has announced two more talented ladies for their already-amazing staged reading cast of “My Letter to Fear,” to be performed on stage for one afternoon only on Sunday, June 24th 2012. Tracie Thoms and Elyse Levesque are the additions... [MORE]

Jean-Luc Bilodeau is returning to ABC Family but in a much different role from the one that put him on the map in Kyle XY. Now he stars in the network’s new sitcom, Baby Daddy, as a young bartender who can barely take care of himself and finds his newborn daughter dropped on his doorstep one fateful day. Bilodeau’s smile and charm on-screen certainly scream star from the get-go, but this project is a bit too silly to take him as seriously as he deserves... [MORE]

For a young actor, three years on the same television series might seem like a lot, but when you are on a daytime drama, the time flies by, marked by memorable storylines that reach far outside the typical range for a child star. Haley Pullos, who has starred as Molly Lansing-Davis on ABC’s last soap opera standing, General Hospital, is certainly a testament to that. The teenage talent is now immersed in a storyline a secret relationship, but she recently tackled much more serious issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder... [MORE]

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