Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From LA Examiner: Kate Flannery Talks 'StandUp in Stilettos'; 'Franklin & Bash' DVD Review; WIN 'Necessary Roughness' Essentials; Laura San Giacomo on 'talhotblond'...

Most of you probably best recognize Kate Flannery as Meredith on NBC’s long-running paper sales sitcom, The Office, but she has had her ear to the ground in comedy in many other ways, for many years. One-half of the dynamic duo, The Lampshades, the best fake lounge act you’ve ever seen, Flannery is now paying it forward and honoring some other great comediennes (both already establishing and a couple more up-and-coming) with her new TV Guide series, StandUp in Stilettos. It is the first time any stand-up showcase has devoted its entire set to all women, and Flannery tells us it's about time! ... [MORE]

If you’re the type of TV viewer who can appreciate those characters who never lose their sense of whimsy, you’ve undoubtedly been watching Franklin & Bash on TNT. The guys may slip on suits for their day jobs as lawyers, but they are anything but stuffy, uptight, or conventional! And now, the Man Cave party can continue because the first ten-episode season starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer is available on DVD... [MORE

The fact that Necessary Roughness airs during the summer creates quite the predicament, doesn’t it? On the one hand, the weather is so beautiful, you want to spend your nights outside, grilling with friends, sitting by the pool, or otherwise exploring the outdoors. But the show is so dramatically juicy and enticing, you can’t bear to tear yourselves away from your television on Wednesday nights, are we right? So unless you are one of those obscenely wealthy people who have a flat-screen built into an outside patio wall, you have to make a Sophie’s Choice. Obviously USA network wants you to stay in-- at least that one day a week-- and watch their hit programming. And now, they’re making it even easier for you to make that choice, as well... [MORE]

"Laura San Giacomo on the dramatic, dark, but still delicate talhotblond"

When diving into a project that is based on a true story, many actors prefer to read packets and books of information on the real people involved, oftentimes also sitting down with them for hours to learn all of their little nuances-- both physical and verbal-- that make them tick, in order to better embody them. But Laura San Giacomo, who stars in Lifetime's new movie of the week, talhotblond, didn't have that luxury. The movie, not to be confused with the documentary of the same name, is a fictionalized re-telling of Thomas Montgomery's web of deception-turned-murder on the internet. San Giacomo portrays his wife, a woman who has kept herself far away from the media storm that surrounded his case. And while that is certainly understandable, it created a unique challenge for San Giacomo, who put her own spin on a woman who is very much still out in the real world, without knowing much about her at all, let alone consulting with her directly... [MORE]

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