Thursday, June 14, 2012

From LA Examiner: More Teen Choice TV Nominees; 'Wilfred' Premiere Review; NBC Announces Fall Premiere Dates...

Today FOX announced the next wave in 2012 Teen Choice Awards nominees. If you thought the list was long already, you may want to sit down and prepare to be here awhile because now categories for "Choice Summer TV" and "Choice Break-Out TV," among many others have been added. Here are the new categories... [MORE]

"Wilfred's return questions therapy and truth"

In order to "catch you up" or hook new viewers, many networks used to run pre-premiere specials of their series, designed to show you what you missed in the plotlines, and entice you with their sense of wit and character. But these days, it's so easy for potential viewers to find a show at any point-- and through non-traditional platforms that you shouldn't expect the Wilfred preview episode, "Progress," to be but a mere "in case you missed it" moment. Instead, FX and their therapeutic talking-dog comedy took the idea to a whole other level by creating a brand new episode that basically re-introduces you to the colorful characters and out-there scenario before its second season premiere... [MORE]
Oh, NBC, you're making it really hard on those of us who have stuck with you during your bad times, you know that? The peacock network announced today their fall 2012 premiere dates, and there should be no surprise that the series they are hoping are the most promising new ones on their rosters are getting rolled out first. While some beloved, but admittedly low-rated, programs are going to be on a longer hiatus... [MORE]

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