Monday, June 11, 2012

From LA Examiner: USA TV on DVD Giveaway; 'Falling Skies' S2 Sneak Peek; Kelly Bishop on 'Gilmore Girls' vs 'Bunheads'; Sinqua Walls, The New 'Teen Wolf' In Town?; Showtime Orders 2 New Dramas...

Lamenting the loss of most of hours of new, original, scripted TV this summer? Don't worry; USA has you covered. Not only are they premiering the returns of their character-filled dramas, but they are also offering a chance for one lucky LA TV Insider Examiner reader to win a summer prize pack that will allow you to vacation in a number of shows' destinations-- from the comfort of your own couch, of course... [MORE

Last we saw Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) on Falling Skies, he was being led into the belly of the beast, so to speak, by stepping aboard the alien spacecraft at the end of the first season. After months of endless fighting, Tom was attempting to address them, to see if some sort of deal could be made. He was the picture of a desperate man, and though many of us sat back and judged him for leaving his boys behind to do something so crazy, it was hard not to understand the motivation behind the action, even if the action itself seemed insane. But when Falling Skies returns with its second season, we see Tom again, pretty much right away, stepping out from behind one of the enemies his sons just shot down. How changed is he, if at all? How much time has he been away, and what did he experience compared to what his boys did, left behind to rise up in the ranks of their own makeshift army? Falling Skies does a phenomenal job of answering all of these questions through flashbacks in Tom’s mind while continuous new action is going on around him... [MORE

"Kelly Bishop lets loose and gets back to her dance roots on Bunheads"

Though to some, Kelly Bishop may always be best recognized as Lorelai’s uptight, well-to-do mother Emily on Amy Sherman-Palladino’s Gilmore Girls, her career has truly been much more remarkable than just a one-hit wonder role. Bishop is a trained dancer, having performed on Broadway in a number of memorable roles, including A Chorus Line, a role in which she originated, and for which she won a Tony Award. These days, though, Bishop has re-teamed with Sherman-Palladino to portray another mother in a small town drama, but Emily Gilmore Bunheads’ Fanny is not! In fact, despite loving her time on Gilmore Girls and having a deep affection for the complicated Emily, Bishop was drawn to this role because of just how completely different Fanny is-- from Emily and perhaps anyone she has ever played on-screen.... [MORE

“I play the character of Boyd, and I actually go to school with [Scott and Stiles] and the whole crew. I just want to be one of the cool kids,” Sinqua Walls previewed his new Teen Wolf role for LA TV Insider Examiner when we caught up with him at the Paley Center for Media’s event in Los Angeles honoring the show’s second season premiere last month... [MORE]

"Showtime orders 12 episodes of Ray Donovan & Masters of Sex"

"Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex, each in their own distinctive ways, represent the caliber of programming we want to bring to our subscribers," Showtime Entertainment President David Nevins said in a statement to the media today... [MORE]

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