Friday, June 29, 2012

Katie Holmes Out; 'The It Couple' In?...

So People Magazine is reporting that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing, and naturally, my Tweet response to this article was "Contract's up!" Now, it's not professional to speculate on the private goings-on in a marriage or other kind of Hollywood relationship, but let's face it, there have been rumors floating around about these two (and the woman who came before Holmes) for years. And this isn't a professional site anyway. This is my personal blog, and as I stated for legal reasons on my bio page, all opinions, thoughts, and posts are my own. And I am entitled to them.

I don't really care one way or the other if Cruise and Holmes are divorcing because they fell out of love or because the five-year terms they agreed to expired without being able to come to a consensus on renegotiation. I feel badly for their daughter, who is too young to understand divorce, let alone complicated Hollywood politics, either way. But I'm sure they will do their best to make sure she's happy and healthy and relatively unscathed. If nothing else, I'm sure she may get a fascinating memoir out of her life, even if just to set the Suri's Burn Book fans straight. 

(After all, you can't make a three year old sign a confidentiality agreement. Kids are always the greatest wildcards in Hollywood!)

But where I do care about this "news" is in how it may affect me. As many of you know, I have been working on a pilot pitch about an unconventional relationship. In my scenario, it's a "classic Hollywood tale of boy meets girl...where the boy is gay and the girl is ultimately his hired help." Sound familiar? It should, and yet television has never tackled the story before. 

Now, you can say that in 2012 the idea of hiring a beard should be moot. No one should have to lie about who they are-- and in truth, I agree with that on a personal level. But I also can't argue with the fact that some people are still just insecure and will allow themselves to be led (by others' opinions or by fear). Many still put professional aspirations in front of personal ones. It's much more detrimental in the long-run, in my opinion, than simply staying quiet and keeping a private life private. But those are the themes and conflicts my show would explore.

Of course, they're just some of the themes and conflicts. I would also look at how two people, when thrown together in such intimate circumstances, entrusted to keep each other's secrets, bond deeper than your average "regular" couple. Affection and respect must be formed almost immediately or the charade is exposed. People can be perfect for each other as soulmates but not sexually compatible. Modern relationships can be much more complicated, especially when you consider the heightened expectations of Hollywood.

And now, more than ever, I think it's time to pounce with the pitch. I could blame it on art imitating life. After all, we're about to watch a shitstorm of media spin this divorce story how the publicists want them to, not what is actually fact or newsworthy. And that is half my story right there anyway. We can't define limitations of love, but for some reason, we're still happy to define what constitutes a "real" relationship in our society. No matter what went on behind closed doors, Cruise and Holmes were very much a team for the past five years, and that should still count for something.

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