Friday, June 15, 2012

Snakkle Stories: Best TV Graduations; 'Franklin & Bash' Flashes Back; 'Dallas' Men Discuss Their Reboot; Colin Cunningham Previews 'Falling Skies' S2...

They say high school is the best time of a young person’s life, and when looking back over the famous high school classes of television’s past, it’s hard to disagree. So flip back through television’s high school yearbook with Snakkle as we explore our favorite graduation episodes of all of TV time... [MORE]

Snakkle catches up with Franklin & Bash stars Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as they take a trip back to their '80s and '90s roots... [MORE]

"Dallas cast previews on-screen tension!"

Thirty-plus years ago, when Dallas wrapped up its impressive 14-year run, the Ewings went out being known for their complicated romantic entanglements, their strong family, despite dueling brothers at the center, and, of course, a zeitgeist shooting mystery. Now Dallas is back, and because it’s a whole new millennium, all of those elements that once made the franchise famous are about to make it infamous... [MORE]

"Snakkle Dishes with Colin Cunningham on Falling Skies Season 2"

Falling Skies series star Colin Cunningham teases the second season of the hit sci-fi drama for Snakkle: "The first season of Falling Skies, Tom was a teacher and Anne was a pediatrician, and they were sort of still themselves, just thrust into this situation. Now Anne is a seasoned medic on the battlefield and Tom is far more of a warrior, and the kids are soldiers. They’re not necessarily what they used to be. The first season, they got honed and hardened, and the second season is way darker. There’s more loss; there’s more blood; there’s more everything"... [MORE]

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