Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TV Overmind's Turn: TV Stars Hit Summer Camp (Movies); A Set Tour of 'The Glass House' with Kenny Rosen...

For many kids, summer camp is a tradition taken for granted until they are grown and sweating out the summer months in a cubicle instead of chasing friends during games of Capture The Flag. But even when the days of camp are gone, they can never be forgotten, as the time-honored tradition lives on, perfectly captured in the time capsules that are TV and film. If a sense of nostalgia isn’t invoked simply due to simpler times, how about the youthful faces of some of TV and the big screen's biggest faces? ... [MORE]

Picture this: the interior of a house built out in small, modern-decorated squares, full of bright colors and hopefully even more colorful personalities. The entire space, including its “lawn” occupies the inside of a warehouse-sized soundstage in the middle of a city that goes on oblivious around it. There are cameras in every corner, behind every mirror, and yes, even in the showers. Inside are fourteen (at least at first) inhabitants from all walks of life, carefully cast to be new and unique, and hopefully refreshing, voices for the reality genre. Is this the future of television? If a house isn’t built outdoors, will anyone know it’s there? ... [MORE]

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